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    OK now i am once agian asking for help ,, this is way over my head ,, i have a customer that bought a 02 rexhall MH ,, 25 fter ,, got a really good deal on it ,, but it has been stored since 08 and i mean locked up tight ,, he is having a carpet company come out and clean the carpets and such ,, hope this will work and maybe they can offer some advise ,, but if not ,, i am looking also ,, btw everything works on this unit ,, it is even still winterized ,, and the punk stuff is still in the lines ,, i can see that from the service bay ,, but any help i would like ,, thanks :) but i was just looking to see if anyone could offer"me" some advice on the mild smell ,,, incase the cleaning does not do the job ,, i have told my customer that he may need to pull all the carpet and either buy new seats and such ,, or have the redone ,, he does not have a problem with that ,, but that is the last case scenerio :(
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    Get an Ozone generator and run it as long as needed. Car dealers use this to get rid of smoker smell and others in cars.

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    Len is right, an Ozone machine will do it. When a "smoker" trailer comes in I use mine and it really works.
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    both had good ideas, but what caused the mold smell? I think Rod need to find out what is causing the smell and get rid of it then he can clean up the smell. Rod I know I am not as good as you and others, but I would look and see if there is mold in the p traps, or in the holding tanks. You said it been stored for a long time, so I am thinking maybe it wasn't full drianed and mold has set up. anyway, just my jmho.
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    it was drained hollis ,, everything is dry as a bone ,, but it was also stored completly shut up for a little over 3yrs ,, under some relly big trees,, it had mold on the outside also ,, looked terrible ,, but thanks for the replies ,, i will tell them about the Ozone machine ,,, other then that eveything seems to be ok ,, i dewinterized it today ,, flushed the system many times ,, and it is sitting in sanitize mode now ,, but the w/h works and the refer looks pretty good ,, atleast they kept it open ,,, but again thanks
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    Since you mentioned that there is mold that was found on the outside of the RV, then it could be that there are some areas also inside where mold may have grown. Thoroughly cleaning it inside out and then having an Ozone machine run will solve it. You can also suggest to the customer to get some deodorizer to keep the mildew and mold smell out. Each time that we store our Motorhome during the winter season, we use Smelleze RV Deodorizer to absorb the smell of mildew and mold along with some dehumidifiers to get rid of the mold.
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    All have good ideas above and maybe a combo of all of them.

    With a motorhome sitting idle as long as that and subjected to most likely varying temperature extremes there had to be some huge swings in humidity inside the unit. Personally I'd hit it hard with a dehumidifier and get some of the moisture out and then the ozone machine for any lingeing smell along with a couple of tubs of Damprid to to elimate moisture once the dehumidifier is disconnected. Adding in a mild gel type room deodorizer.

    I use Damprid in both my boat and M/H and am amazed at how much moisture it sucks up all the while keeping any lingering odor out. I normally have 2 tubs sitting in the M/H at all times.

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    Hi Jeff, I guess you are home by now. I also use damprid in my MH, .like you I put in to bucket one up front the other in the read bed room and bath. And yes you will be suprised at how much moisture they pull out. I was thinking if it was smell of mold, then there must be mold somewhere that is growing, that is why I suggested what I did. Now the mush smell from just storing it for months or years can be gotten out by a good cleaning and the o-zone machine. We have one, but never use it, but it there if we do.
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    I do think everyone is missing the point. The smell of mold, ok what is causing it, and where is it. You first have to find and kill the mold, then the ozone clean air will remove the smell. Now if it just the smell from sitting for a long time the ozone will do a good job.
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    Ozone generator is a great stuff, agree. I see almost everybody uses it. Well, that's obvious, cause the smell really disappears. Good luck!

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