Monaco/Holiday Rambler 2000 parts

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  1. LEN

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    Anyone have a link(I was there and can't get it again) to the Monaco parts store. I need the drawer or cabinet door latch's and the local ones are too long leaving a small gap when adjusted to max tight.


  2. vanole

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    Re: Monaco/Holiday Rambler 2000 parts


    Used to have a 2000 Dip cousin to the Endeavor. Not sure they used the same hardware that year I think it was 00 when Monaco acquired HR. If the drawer latch or cabinet latch was the same on that unit I could get them at any RV store. In fact just was at a store and seen them. Picked up one of their (Stores) free national parts catalog. In that catalog on page 216 they are adverstised as a Southco Push Latch with a price of 4.89 stock number 31-8707. Those damn things used to break all the time. I've seen those catalogs at all three nearby RV stores.

    Another company makes them but they want about 10 bucks a pop for them is RV Designer Collection 1-800-938-5883 or at

    Hope all this balloon juice helps.

    Very respectfully,
  3. LEN

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    Re: Monaco/Holiday Rambler 2000 parts

    I puchased a couple at the local RV shop but the hole pattern is a bit off, I did use a small grinder and made the one I needed fit but want OEM if possible.
    I did find the parts store addy and got a couple ordered and they were 1/3 the cost !!! Can you believe it?


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