Mud Flaps/Rock Guards?

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Wilber, Apr 5, 2004.

  1. Wilber

    Wilber New Member

    Thinking of buying mud flaps or a rock guard to protect my fifth wheel. Can anyone tell me which ones are best?
  2. buckbs

    buckbs New Member

    Mud Flaps/Rock Guards?

    I've got a couple of fiberglass/plastic ones mounted behind each of my back dually wheel sets. They are made by Husky, look good, moderately priced, and are durable.

  3. Edmund A Skibinski

    Edmund A Skibinski New Member

    Mud Flaps/Rock Guards?

    ;) Wilbur , I use the stainless steel one's from Putco , they look great , comes with all the hardware .
    Good Luck
    Happy RV'ing
  4. far north

    far north New Member

    Mud Flaps/Rock Guards?

    I also have been wondering which style are best. Anyone have any experience with the brush style? Do they let the wind through better than the solid rubber ones which I have seen really get blown backwards by the wind? In this position, they don't offer much protection.

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