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Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by kitsadar, Apr 15, 2011.

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    Hi everyone,

    My name is Kitsada from Thailand. I and my family come to the states to take our kids (4 years old boy and 1 year old girl) to see a doctor here. Next week, as there is no treatment for our son, we decide to travel from New York to Orlando (for Disney World) by RV. We booked a RV from Cruiseamerica and already got one.

    As you can guess, we are very new and totally know nothing to this RV world. I have so many questions and have been trying to find out by looking on the internet, but found none. Therefore, I decide to register to this forum. I’m pretty sure you people can help me out. Anyway, sorry in advance, as my questions might not making sense in some way : )

    1. Because we have to travel so such a long way, we do need a place to stop for dumping trash or recharging the battery (and may be to have some rest walking). My questions are:
    1.1 Do the campground allow us to park temporary?
    1.2 If they do, how much it gonna cost. Do they open for us to do these (dumping and recharging) for 24 hours a day (just like we can stop at a gas station)?

    2. My kids have problem with their eating habit (This is one of the reasons we take them to see the doctor here). Many times they will refuse to the food we cook and we have to drive around to find some specific restaurant for them. We, finally, always have problems with our timetable. I could imagine that, in this trip, if we decide to stop and stay in any campground we have to do it right away (I mean we couldn't make a reservation in advance as we are very not sure if we can present there) Here come the questions:
    2.1 Is it necessary to make a reservation for the campground? Can we just drive in?
    2.2 What is their check-in hours? Are they open for very late check-in or do they do 24 hours check-in?

    Again, thank you so much for your help.

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