Need measurements 1999 Pace Arrow Cabinet

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    my name is Joerg (say Joe) from germany and I live in a little town called Loehne, near Hannover
    I own a 1999 Fleetwood Pace Arrow, 35ft, stored in Florida.

    This is my first motorhome, I bought it last year, and I need it only for vacations.

    A have a question, perhaps someone has the same RV:

    I would like to have some more shelfs in the small cabinets beside the bed, see the picture.
    I took last year the measurements, but I lost the cheat of paper I wrote it on. I want to saw me the shelfs here in germany.

    Could anyone take the width and the depth inside of one of those cabinets? That would be great...... :)
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    Re: Need measurements 1999 Pace Arrow Cabinet

    Welcome and be patient, because youi are asking for a specific MH this may take a while.

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    Re: Need measurements 1999 Pace Arrow Cabinet


    oh, I´m very sorry for 3 posts.......but there was always an error and I couldn´t see my post.......but now, after few hours there are all listed. Sorry.

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