NEW problem: 1987 Winnebago Chieftan 27.... Ignitiion relay???

Discussion in 'Classics' started by losangelespat, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. losangelespat

    losangelespat Junior Member

    Me again.... found my antenna connection... in bedroom...
    NOW having problem with ignition....
    MH has 454 Cu Inch Chevy motor....
    The wonderful "sea air" does wonders with metal....
    Pictured here is my problem.... without this relay(?)... I have no spark....
    I loosened it and moved it around enough for a 20 mile trip... but it started to fail 2 blocks from storage (but, made it)... by failing I mean engine started to shut down (no spark).
    The location (looking from the rear of engine from cab) is left, rear... bolted to Valve Cover....
    Does anyone know WHAT it is called... and the PART # would be REAL helpful....
    Thanks... losangelespat

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    I looked up Ignition Control Module.... and NONE look like this...

    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION... looking at connection side...blades are labeled A-B-C-D...
    AND looking from underside, connection to your right at top of connector is:
    AND bottom has: EMU-6
    which just might be Molex #

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  2. LEN

    LEN Senior Member

    I would think about any auto parts shop or Chev garage parts should be able to identify it and get the part.

  3. losangelespat

    losangelespat Junior Member

    You would think so, Len.... but, haven't found it looking there, either.... that's why the post here...
    I did just send a picture of it to Autoparts Warehouse, on-line store.... maybe THEY can help... the main problem is there is no parts # on it...
    Am going to take apart the one that doesn't work... and see what the hell it is... lol
  4. C Nash

    C Nash Senior Member

    Never seen anything like this that causes lost of spark. Are you saying no spark at plug wire?
  5. losangelespat

    losangelespat Junior Member

    WELL.... I didn't check.... it wouldn't start.... called the guy who found the "thingie" in a junk yard.... he said jiggle the wires and loosen connecting bolt and move "thingie" around.... I did... and engine started....
    I took for granted there was no spark because there was no sign of ignition... and the gas WAS flowing.... could smell the flooding......
    wouldn't it be a correct assumption that there was no spark with this happening????
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    looks like what u got is an ignition relay ,, it sends a signal to the ignition module once the engine is started ,, ,, i think i can find the part for ,, but give me time ,, i have seen this a few times
  7. losangelespat

    losangelespat Junior Member

    thank you SOOOO much.... I knew someone would know what it was.... NOW the hard part.... finding it NOT so used.... lol
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    it can be found ,, and not used ,, PM me with the info on ur MH ,, such as model ,, yr ,, and engine ,, i think i have already found what u need ,, but need to be sure with the info ,, in fact i have it in stock on my shelf ,, if it is right ,, but need to know first :)
  9. losangelespat

    losangelespat Junior Member

    Possible Chevy Part#...... according to parts manager....
    Air Injection Control Valve Module....
    If I can't find .... will have to take the one that doesn't work apart... and rebuild (if I can find the IC's).....

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