New to RVing, any must have suggestions?

Discussion in 'RV Tips & Tricks' started by just2girls1, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. just2girls1

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    Hi Everyone,

    We just purchased our first 5th wheel. We always tent camped before. What items are must haves before we set out for our first trip. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I figure this is the place to get a good idea of what I should be looking to purchase in order to make sure we have a worry free trip. Questions I have is do we really need a water pressure guage, extra electric plugs for the different campsites, etc. Many thanks. :)
  2. Triple E

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    Re: New to RVing, any must have suggestions?

    Hello Patti and welcome to RVUSA. The best forum on the web. I am sure you will get yourself a list. Will you be camping full time, by the week or weekends? What are you using for a tow vehicle? One important item is a portable air compressor and tire gauge. Get good toilet supplies, do not go cheap. Tell us more about your 5th wheel. :cool:

  3. H2H1

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    Re: New to RVing, any must have suggestions?

    Welcome to the best forum......Well Steve I was going to ask if it was new or older model. If it was USED ONE I would think the previous owners would have left a lot of things she will need. the water pressure gauge or do you mean a WATER pressure reducer valve, if that is what you meant, yes you do need one, the pressure may be to great for the water pipes to handle and bust one of the water pipes. I would think YOU HAVE a 30 amp service to your 5er, so you will need a reducer to step it down if you find yourself in an area that does not have 30 amp service but does have 20 amp. Also does it have a generator, if not you will need one if you go boon docking. you will need a good rv type water hose and a good grade sewer hose. I am sure this will get you started. We will wait and see what you come back with, and we nay be able to add more. happy camping and come on back
  4. just2girls1

    just2girls1 New Member

    Re: New to RVing, any must have suggestions?

    Thanks Triple E. I had not thought of an air compressor. We are planning a few week or so trips and I'm sure we will end up doing a few shorter ones in there also. Since this will be the first time towing it and getting used to everything we will be staying fairly close to home for now....Then who knows where we may end up. The 5th wheel is a 2010, 37' Heritage Glen with a bunk house. We have a Dodge 2500 as a tow vehicle, the hitch is being installed tomorrow. We actually have a 40' 5th wheel that sits in a campground. It's an '85 and has been in the same campground for who knows how long. Let me just say if you even thought of moving it the tree removal to get it out would be crazy. My sister-in-law knew the owners and they did not want to fool with it any longer so we bought it knowing we would never move it and just used it as a get-a-way place on the weekends. Tent camping was always fun but with the family growing that was getting a bit hard. I am looking forward to hearing from all the veteran RVers that can help the new folks like me fumble a little less along the way.
  5. just2girls1

    just2girls1 New Member

    Re: New to RVing, any must have suggestions?

    I should add that the '85 fifth wheel had a non working fridge, so coolers it was and the rest was a little ify at best. Everything was left there, even their personal belongings, so we did not have to put anything together. So this is actually our first one we have to get ready for the road/campsites. :)
  6. thomasamski

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    RE: New to RVing, any must have suggestions?

    Here is a list I made up for my first RV. Hope it helps.


    Small wood step ladder from garage
    Clothing soap
    Clothing softener
    Address book
    Financial statements
    Tape to hold things on wall
    Electric vacuum
    Small brush and dustpan
    Closet lining
    Small hamper
    Walking stick
    Insect repellent
    Insect spray

    Biogradable toilet paper
    Chemicals for holding tank
    Bar soap
    Air refresher
    Hair shampoo
    Squeegee for shower
    Shower cleaner
    Hair dryer
    2 toothbrushes
    Pat, Tom Dental adhesives
    Dental holders
    After shave lotions
    Electric razor
    Razor for Pat
    Shaving cream
    Bath towels
    Face clothes

    2 pillows
    2 pillow cases
    2, 3 throw pillows
    Under garments for Tom, Pat
    Socks for Tom, Pat
    Winter coats (from home closet)

    Dining Room
    Wall clock
    Alarm clock
    3 small picture frames
    3 large picture frames

    Driving needs
    Toll unit
    Electronics rechargers (from Impala)
    Tire gauge
    Car brush
    Old newspapers
    Old towels
    Window cleaner
    Bug remover

    2 Dishes
    Bottles of water

    Paper towels
    Paper towel holder
    Trash can
    Plastic bags
    Dish towels
    Diswasher soap
    Measuring spoons
    Coffee cups
    Steak knives
    Can opener
    Dish cloths
    Crock pot
    Electric grill
    Drinking glasses
    Pots and pans
    Coffee pot
    Pressure cooker
    Plastic containers
    Ice cube tray

    Two lawn chairs
    Outside fabric rug
  7. Poppa

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    Re: New to RVing, any must have suggestions?

    Hey I am ole and grey and kinda wrinkled like some of these other guys who won't admit it. Lifes experiences are the best teachers.
    1) Whenever you put your awning out ALWAYS have one end about a foot to a foot and a half lower than the other. Should a shower come up with it level it will ruin an awning. It makes a horrible noise in the middle of the night when its rainging and come crashing down. 2) make you a little check off list for when you set up. Elec connected, water connected, jacks oue etc. When you break camp, take the same list and run it backwards scratching off what all you hooked up. Camp ground maintenance folks get a little perterbed when you drive off with a water hose hooked up or an electric line. One gets things really wet and the other puts on a good fireworks show. I have done both. 3) Keep you a good pair of rubber gloves in a tupper wear container along with a spray bottle of chlorox diluted water about 10 to one. Make a good sanitizer when you are connecting and disconnecting that stanky hose. 4) A pair of those little walkie talkies cost about 40 bucks but they are great when you are trying to back into a spot. Its a lot safer and easier to under stand voice rather than hand signals also at night when its dark or your partner is playing hiding go seak behind the trailer. Just some tid bits.

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