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Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by TomPilot, Oct 7, 2008.

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    We are just starting our retirement and want to get it right early on. We currently have a Jayco 22FB trailer and are going to upgrade to a Motorhome in the 33-36 foot range. For those with lots of experience, what are the top ten things you either selected as necessary for your own motorhome, or wish you opted for when you bought your RV. Also, what are your top three recommendations to watch out for! Thanks in advance! (I also posted this one in the TalkBack forum - so bear with me.) :)
  2. Kirk

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    Re: New to RVing

    In no particular order, they are: :)

    Leveling jack system

    convection oven

    on board genset

    ice maker in freezer or stand alone

    back-up camera system

    surge protector/power line monitor such as Surge Guard or Progressive Ind.

    2 air conditioners

    2 furnaces

    heated plumbing & waste tank bays

    50A power cord/distribution panel

    :evil: Things to avoid -
    poor quality construction and support, join the RV Consumer Group to avoid this, ( )
    never trust any sales person. Make them put all statements and promises in writhing as part of the sales contract.
  3. Gruffy

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    Re: New to RVing

    Wouldn't waste my time with convection
    Inverter not genset
    stand alone ice maker saves big $$$$
    never back up.... toad on a tow bar or dolly you can't back up anyway
    never ever had a surge
    2AC come on.... didn't even want one on the TC... 5er can take Az on one 15000
    1 furnace took 400+ sq feet down to -10F.... you really think you need more???
    Ain't gonna camp in winter
    50 is pretty much standard these days

    My point is you have to consider what you really need. A convection oven only works if your on 120 AC or a genset. In the bush (or Walmart) propane ovens work just fine. Where are you gonaa go? What do you plan to do?
  4. vanole

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    Re: New to RVing


    That is one tough question, however Kirk gave you some good advice. I would not leave home without surge protection and he has that on his list and is readily available after market. I went with a Progressive EMS system.

    Things that I had that I did not like. (PLEASE remember "I Had" are the operative words with emphasis on I). J-Lounge (did not see the utility, I like second reg couch or recliners); Booth Dinette (I'm not a big guy (165 lbs) but I felt the table was way too close to me); TV over the driver (too much craning of the noggin. Present M/H has it in the salon and I prefer this); Gas oven (prefer convection/micro combo); I'm sure I will think of more.

    Reason this is tough don't know if you are buying new or used. If used I'm sure tires, maintenance records, manuals, third party inspection etc would make the list.

    Things I might add to Kirks list. washer/dryer (vented); I'm a big fan of fantastic vents though most coaches come with at least one; If you have a pass through compartment a slide tray would be nice; dash fans assist defroster in keeping windshields fog free; macerator or sanicon sure helps in emptying tanks;

    Also in your intial post you mentioned 33-36 ft range. I have never owned a 33 ft M/H but I have ridden in a neighbors 32 foot M/H and it is not as good a ride as the longer homes. You get a bit of porposing with shorter wheel bases. So please take that into consideration when looking and test driving. Also I have found most dealers or parties selling M/H show you the home all opened up (slides out). Make sure to look at the puppy buttoned up you may find you can't open the refrig or get to bathroom without crawling over everything (both of those were show stoppers with my better 90%).

    I'm sure many more smarter folks than I will respond.

    Good luck in search.

    Very Respectfully,
    GO NAVY!!!!!!
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    Re: New to RVing

    I agree with jeff, no booth, I took ours out and replaced it with a table and chairs from Kmart. Cant live without my convection oven. So much smaller, faster, and easier for cooking. We chose to go with a bath and a half rig. That second potty sure comes in handy from time to time.
    Good luck to you.

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