New to this have several questions

Discussion in 'Full Timing' started by Bucksix, Jul 25, 2011.

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    I currently live is Southern California. I am widowed and live alone. My home is free and clear. What I am thinking of doing is selling the house, and living in an RV. I would like to live in one spot and periodically take a trip, them return. There would probably be two trips per year, each about one month. Am I trying to do something really out of it? Are there places where I can rent a space with appropriate hook ups and be a permanent resident? As you can tell, I know very little about RV living. Any help would be deeply appreciated.
    Thank you in advance.
    Bucksix (not my real name, but that was already taken).
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    Re: New to this have several questions

    Hi Jim and welcome to the RVUSA Forum. A fifth wheel travel trailer (5er) and a pickup truck should be able to do what you want. 5er's have plenty of room, especially those with slide-outs, and you should be able to find an RV park willing to rent you space with full hook-ups.

    The downside is you would have to use the truck for daily transportation (gas mileage) and you would have to be comfortable towing a big rig when you wanted to go on your trips.

    Many full timers drive big Class A motorhomes, but they are the folks who like to move around a bunch and don't stay in one spot too long. But either a 5er or Class A should meet your needs - just depends on what you are comfortable with.

    Hope this helps you some. Post back and let us know if you need more info.
    :) :) :)
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    Re: New to this have several questions

    Thank you ever so much!! By the way, my brother in law was stationed at Elmandorf (spelling?) in 1962. He never left the state, married and raised 5 children there.
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