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Discussion in 'Full Timing' started by alapataws, Jan 29, 2010.

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    Hello everyone. Wow what a great website this is; makes me feel good knowing there are so many helpful people still out there.

    A little about myself: I am disabled and my wife and I are 36 years young with no children and a very special little dog. Two years ago I became ill and unable continue in my career as a casino dealer and pit-boss. Since then I spend about 75-80% of my life in a bed or chair but on occassion still get to walk in the woods or paddle a canoe. I have Meniere's Disease, a disease of the inner-ear. Lately things have gotten worse and I need my wife to leave her work in order to help with my care. I am on Social Security(SSDI) and have a long term disability policy. Due to spending the last 24 months in confinement I suffering from a mojor case of wanderlust...

    I am very experienced woodsman. In my early 20's I worked for Eckerd Youth Alernatives, a wilderness camp for troubled youth. With this said my wife and I are going to take the step of becoming full-timers, at least for a year or until we find a special place to build a small off-grid cabin. I have rented many types of RV's and we love the life style.

    I guess my concerns are about My Social Security and meeting the term of care provisions in my long term disability contract. I will have medicare but I will also have to see a doctor quarterly in order to meet my contarst demands. How do you guys do this when I am not centrally located in my home town in Florida? Would I have to fly back home every three months? How do I recieve notices from Social Security if they want a review but I am in the White Mountains of Arizona, which I highly suggest by the way. The Apache-Sitgreaves Nation Forest is incredible.

    Being on a fixed income we think camping on public land, primarily National Forest land really interests us because 1.) It's Free in the backcountry 2.) It's peaceful with no neighbors 3.) You got the best views. Yeah I know the down side of it, but like medecine, there are risks and rewards and though disabled, we are only 36 years young. My disability is of the ears.

    We live in a 400 square foot apartment now so the adjustment will not be that hard. We like 5th wheels but I am concerned about buying a 1-ton truck. I don't know what to do? We want a pull-behind for the ease of parking and going. I just don't know if it should be 5th wheel or travel trailer. Any advice on getting started?

    I have been looking at Kirk and Pam's website. What great information they have.

    Well, I am sure you will see many more posts from me asking for your knowlege. All I know is being confined to this bed and room will kill me. If it is Gods will for me to be sick that is fine, I accept that, but living this way is no way to live. If I have to be sick I would rather be sick in the wilderness than in a bedroom...

    J.K. :question:
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    Re: Newbie with questions...

    Sorry for the poor grammer on this post. Next one will be better....
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    Re: Newbie with questions...

    Hello Jason and welcome to the forum. With your disability, I assume your wife has to do the driving. How comfortable is she driving a pickup and pulling and backing a 5th. wheel Vs a car/truck pulling or backing a trailer? Have you thought of a class A or C. That way you can pull a small car. Of course you will have to unhook the car before backing but a class A or C may be easier for her to back up. JMO.

    As far as receiving your checks, there are company's out there that will forward your mail to you where you are at. (Good Sam Club) So that should not be a problem. The doctors might be a different mater. I wonder if you keep your medical records with you and see a specialist in the area that you are staying at. That might work. I am not sure, but I think they require you to see a doctor once a year to keep them happy.

    I know all about the bed and chair thing. I was down for a year and a half. I can't tell you how many times I just wanted to turn out the lights but I didn't, thank you god. Keep up your good will and hopefully your body will improve as mine did. ;)
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    Re: Newbie with questions...

    Thank you for your kind words and comment. I think she will be okay. We moved back to Florida from Tucson, AZ when I got ill and she drove a 26ft Uhaul towing my Chevy truck behind it with no problem. Granted we did decide to hit Houston at 4am, but hey, I would do that in a car. ;-)

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