norcold fridge-no power

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by Lance, Mar 21, 2009.

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    Hi, we have a norcold n621 in our camper. When we bought it the on/off button would not work-fridge was on all the time unless we disconnected the battery cables. Then after unplugging and replugging this last time we have no display on the front control panel. Nothing works-not even light inside. We replaced the front circuit board and are still getting nothing. The back circuit board has 2 fuses and both look good. There is a small discolored spot on the back circuit board. We were wondering if anyone has any experience with these. We hate to keep throwing money at this if that is not the problem. Thanks for any suggestions!
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    RE: norcold fridge-no power

    Did u ck the on off switch ,,, mine did that a few yr's ago ,, nothing would work ,, inside light or anything ,,, but if i wiggled the switch ,, i could get it to come on ,,, and i have Norcold also ,, but also ,, i would be looking at that spot on the board ,,, have u pulled the board to look real close at it ????? that might be the prob,, but i would IMO change the switch first ,,, since u did have probs with it from day one ;)
    Btw welcome to the forums :approve: :) :)

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    Re: norcold fridge-no power

    Just might have a wire that is loose/broken/corroded. Folks across the street had similar problem with their fridge in a 5er just last week. After testing all boards, fuses, etc., they found wire under slide-out to fridge (12volt wire) was broken.

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