Norcold Recall and Repair

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    In preparing for my Norcold refrigerator recall, I needed the numbers from the rear of the frig, which are accessed from the outside panel. Upon inspection and to my surprise, I found the cause of my recent nagging, intermittent refrigerator operation. The AC outlet and both AC plugs to the frig and control unit were partially melted by the heat from the flu.

    I contacted Norcold and submitted photos. I was assigned a service rep, who instructed me to take my coach to a certified service facility, have them inspect the frig, and forward their results to her. Norcold subsequently issued approval for repair under warranty to the service facility.

    A few days later, the service center notified me that they had completed the repair on the frig, and it was ready to go. I went to pick it up, checked out the frig, and all was well in refrigerator land. I have taken vehicles and RVs in for repair many times in my life. One thing that I’ve found is that frequently other problems are caused, intentionally or not. Therefore, I was waiting for the other shoe to fall, that impending revelation of the new issue. It didn’t take long. The day following the return of my coach, the temp was to drop to freezing. I went into the coach to turn on the furnace. Surprise, there’s no display on the Comfort Control Center (thermostat), and no 12v present at cable input.

    A call to the service center did yield the expected response “nothing that we did could be the cause of your problem”. I’m not accusing the facility of negligence or intentionally inducing a fault into the system. It could just be coincidental, but I don’t intend to return it to them.

    I contacted a local RV repair shop, and explained the problem to the owner. He said that they might have caused a short during the installation. H said that he would take a cursory look at voltages, fuses, and ckt breakers. He found nothing, and charged me nothing.

    My hope is to briefly comb the RV forums for a simple solution before I take it into another service facility. I have found a trouble shooting guide on the forum that indicates power to the thermostat originates at a module in the roof A/C unit. Access to this module is from the roof only.

    I would appreciate any suggestions.
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    Re: Norcold Recall and Repair

    If the Fridge is operating the 12 volt supply to the fridge is OK. Need to check the 12 volt supply to the air conditioner control board and the cable supply voltage. It would seem unlikely that the circuit wires for these components are run through the fridge compartment. The melted recepticles ate 110 volt circuits that are not related to the 12 volt system.

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