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    We.ve just got a '98 HR Endeavor with the 5.9 Cummins Diesel (84,000 miles) and are on our firts trip with this coach. After 1,000 + miles I noticed oil spots on the front of the toad. I took a look underneath and I think the oil may be coming from the breather pipe. Any suggestions or ideas whtat may be causing this ???
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    Re: Oil On Toad


    Most likely is the "slobber tube". You may want to try making the tube longer/extending it. Additionally if you are noticing oil on the toad you may want to clean the radiator fins.

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    Re: Oil On Toad

    If you keep adding oil this can happen diesels seek an oil level they like, some 1 quart low(at the add a quart line) still plenty of oil. But will throw that top quart. You can build a slobber tube oil catcher with any bottle(like a big pill bottle) fill it with steel wool and put lots of holes in the top with a big one the size of the slobber tube and attach the bottle with zip ties. Or purchase the commercial version for $$$$.

    By the way welcome!!

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    Len u and Jeff are both right ,, the slobber tubes usally only hit the ground ,, the pickups have a can sorta thing to catch it ,,, from the factory ,,, but as u said Len ,, yes the cummins likes it's own oil level ,, mine does the same thing ,, and as u mentioned ,,, ck the radiator fins ,, my rad .. is on the side ,, and i don't have that prob ,, but i have seen abunch that get a little hotter than usal ,, and it's due to oil on the rad ,, if it's in the rear ;) :approve: :approve: :)
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    RE: Oil On Toad

    The oil is probably coming from your Crankcase Breather discharge hose. This breather should be cleaned every 500 hours or more if needed. Easy to do. Remove one bolt, clean the housing in gas and reinstall. If you install a longer hose be sure to get an oil resistance hose. Yes, clean your radiator. If your car is getting oily, your radiator is too. This true for a rear mounted radiator not a side mounted. Happy RVing.
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    RE: Oil On Toad

    Extend to breather (slobber tube). This will help. Watch so that you don't over fill the oil.
    As it will spit it back out through the tube. And it does make a mess of things. Especially
    the radiator.

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