Onan KY 3.6kva Microlite Adjustment

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by BjornAgain, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. BjornAgain

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    I require throttle adjustment procedure for a Onan 3.6kva Genset (06/99).

    The thottle arm which responds to generator load has 2 adjustment screws. One is for spring tensioning and the other is one arm itself.

    Another adjustment has a linkage to a 'box' attached to the exhaust via a flexible duct.

    The adjustment on the 'box' is via a dial with lock nut at a 2o'clock postion.

    Any help out there?

    Regards, Bjorn
  2. Guest

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    Re: Onan KY 3.6kva Microlite Adjustment

    the linkage arm from the exhaust thingy u mentioned is the choke thermostat ,, and the one with the spring on it is the governer control,, the other should be for wide open throttle...
    Anyway what kinda prob u haveing with this set and why do u need a throttle adjustment ???? :)
    Is it hunting (up and down) ?? won't idle??? won't run at full power with load????
    Sorry just some random ques.... ;)
  3. BjornAgain

    BjornAgain New Member

    Re: Onan KY 3.6kva Microlite Adjustment

    The carby was overhauled - dismantled and reassembled. The choke thermostat and governor control was disconnected during this procedure.
    All runs smoothly until a load is applied eg aircon, and it labors and dies.
    Cheers Bjorn
  4. s.harrington

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    Re: Onan KY 3.6kva Microlite Adjustment

    When the carb was taken off were any of the settings adjustments changed? It really sounds more like a tune-up or fuel problem to me. Before you adjust anything test for no laod voltage. Should be between 128-130vac. If you have a frequency meter it chould run around 60-62 hz at no load. IF these are ok change your fuel filter and plugs.

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