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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Kenworth, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. Kenworth

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    We are leaving in a week and a half for a 2800+ mile round trip to West Yellowstone. I am anxious to see new sights, but am kinda nervous about the trip. I am a truck driver,(when I'm not farming), so I am used to the trucking part of it, I am just hoping that my pickup and camper are up to the challenge. I packed the wheel bearings a couple weeks ago, and ended up replacing all bearings and seals, and after next weekend should have about 300 miles on them, so I plan on jacking the axles up and rechecking the tightness of the hubs. I have brand new tires, and new spare....any other suggestions for a somewhat virgin to long haul camper pulling? Thanks...-Joshua
  2. LEN

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    Just make sure of oil, hoses, radiator fluid(and clean radiator), battery terminals, trans fluid, rear end fluid, clean air filter, fuel filter, tire pressure.
    Stop every hour or so walk around the rig checking and stretching. Look to maps ahead and don't just depend on the GPS, have and idea where and what direction your wanting to go. Always carry xtra water and food just in case. Chairs for around the campfire. Some tools, hopefully nothing major but enough to tighten things and a light repair. Flashlight, Bear dog(just kidding) but in yellow stone or around there is always a chance encounter so keep the food stuffs locked up. A good camera and HAVE FUN

  3. Kenworth

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    Beings I have a shortbed, I have very limited space for extras...but my in laws are going also, and they have a toy hauler. Hoping to be able to bring some bikes, and plenty of tools for any issues. No need of a bear dog...I travel packing iron ;) I really hate buying firewood, when I have unlimited supply at home, but also don't want to get hammered for transporting firewood. Around here, as long as it doesn't have bark on it its ok, what really burned my a$$ was when I did buy some at a state park, it was ash that had the bark on it, and was clearly dead from the EAB...My biggest dilemma so far is which route to take, I'm thinking straight out 80 to Ogallalla NE, then cut up some back roads...
  4. akjimny

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    Kenworth - Sounds like you have a good handle on it all. Just remember you will be heading into the mountains and plan accordingly. Our one trip to Yellowstone was a long time ago but we really enjoyed it. There was one stretch while leaving out the East side that was very steep with a lot of switchbacks. Boss Lady was driving and over-heated the brakes before I took over and came the rest of the way down in second gear. Lesson learned was maps are flat but terrain is not. Enjoy your trip and post back with some pictures.
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    Make sure you have a map or GPS device so you can navigate yourself at ALL times.

    Best of luck those trips are fun. Oh, and eat at all the little mom and pop restaurants, those will give you the best memories... It's a lot of fun to talk about them later, trust me and you'll see.

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