Opinions about bra for front of motorhome

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by lrs4554, Sep 12, 2010.

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    We are new to RVing but are purchasing a 2003 Damon Intruder with only 9k miles. Thinking we should purchase a bra for protecting the front end. Any suggestions on what type is best. Searching online we have found Nusolis,which is a clear material that you wet and apply(sort of like a screen protector for your cell phone). Then there are the black vinyl/fabric type. Any opinions? Also looking to get sun shades for the windows as we are planning to spend some time in Fla. this winter. Again there are many types. Some fasten with snaps, some with velcro?? Any thoughts/advice would be welcome.
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    Re: Opinions about bra for front of motorhome

    Hi Linda and welcome to the RVUSA forum. I've never seen a bra on the front of a motor home but have had some experience (all bad) with them on cars. Dust and grit will get between the bra and the vehicle and the bra will act like sandpaper, dulling and scratching the paint. So JMO, I wouldn't put one on. The only window shades I've seen were mounted on the outside of the MH and rolled out like miniature awnings. Those are pretty neat. Welcome and good luck. Post back and let us know how you do. :) :)

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