Our New Sunset Creek

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    Well, we picked up our new Sunnybrook, Sunset Creek 272FK from Kenneth at Grandview Trailer Sales in Bedford Va. Kenneth and his wife Linda were just great. His two guys worked and worked to get the hitch, etc., all square for us to pull the trailer to Florida. It pulled just great with our RAM 1500, 4.9L, V8, with 3.92 rear end. Averaged about 60 MPH through a few hills in Va and NC but mostly on flat land to Florida. We got it all set up and left it there for about 6 weeks when we will go back down to spend the winter. I really didn't like leaving it there in the humidity closed up (left one roof vent slightly open), but really didn't have much of a choice, since I have doctor appointments coming up to make sure I'm still kicking and getting better. I hope it doesn't hurt anything leaving it there for that six weeks all closed up. I handled the trip pretty darn good, I think. Linda (my Linda) watched over me like a nurse and made me stop when I got tired.
    Kenneth is a real friend already. Just met him the day we picked up the trailer but seemed like we have known him for years. I would recommend anyone looking for a TT, 5TH Wheel, etc., check with him before you look elsewhere. I believe I got a better deal than if I had purchased it here in Indiana (they make them about 80 miles from our house) and I didn't have to tow it through the mountains to get it to Florida. Only found a couple small problems that will not be hard to fix.
    Anyway, I'd like to publicly thank Kenneth and Linda for their hospitality when we were there. They are great folks. ;) :) :cool: :laugh:
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    Re: Our New Sunset Creek

    That's great Archer. Glad to hear you made the trip ok. Think you will be happy with a Sunnybrook. Are you going to sell the MH?

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    Re: Our New Sunset Creek

    Hi Chelse,
    Yes, we are going to sell the MH. Just may not have enough time to do a little get ready to sell work on it before we leave for Florida for the winter. I'll prob just winterize it, take the batteries out and cover it til next spring.
    You wanna buy it?
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    Re: Our New Sunset Creek

    Thanks again for the compliments. We try.

    Glad you got to FL. with no problems. Next time you are through this area, we will make that dinner.

    SunnyBrook is mailing me the range vent flap. I will forward it to you.

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