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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Guest, Nov 8, 2009.

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    well it is that time ,, well for me anyway ,, as of tomorrow ,, the MH will be winterized ,, and all ready for winter ,, i took my last outting this past weekend ,, and must say i enjoyed it , but i am also dreading the work that i will have to do to it this winter , but that goes with the territory ,, but to all that has also done the winter stuff ,, i feel for u ,, but on the bright side ,, just 5 more months till spring :eek: :eek: :eek: :approve: :laugh: :laugh: :cool: :cool:
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    RE: Over And Done

    Just a reminder Rod. We don't winterize in Texas! :laugh: In fact, we are heading out to Fredericksburg next week. Back behind the wheel!! :eek: :)
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    Re: Over And Done

    Good news Butch, glad your back in the saddle, or drivers seat.

    I keep telling Rod that the best camping is right now. Linda and I have 2 more outtings planned. Thanksgiving and over Christmas, if the weather holds. 73 today!! Busy time of year right now, right in the middle of hunting season and with the hollidays coming up.
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    Re: Over And Done

    Donna & I have two more outings plnned as well, both in the Washington DC area. We will be there all next week and then again the weekend after Thanksgiving

    After that, we are taking the RV down to Florida for the winter. We can't stay all winter but will be going back and forth. Don't have to winterize though...
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    Re: Over And Done

    Know how you feel Rod. Wife and I have been where we are now since Sept and due to finances we have decided to deal with the winter and not go south. So we are wintering in the old home town of East Carbon, Utah. This is the most inexpensive rv park I have ever found for monthly stays so figure to be here until summer and put the money that we would have put out into savings.

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