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    Hello, have bought a small 97 winnebago a-class.
    Brakes feel soft and pedal goes almost to the floor when you want to really stop.
    ive put new flexi hoses on, new pads, new master cylinder, and bled the sytem out about a million times! have vacume bled it to. also have fully serviced and adjusted the rear drums.
    still the pedal still seems to have a lot of play and feels soft. its driving me nuts! Are they all like this or do i have a problem? also, it starts to pull to the right after about 20 mins driving when breaking. then the next day it'll break straight again!
  2. C Nash

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    Re: P-30 SOFT BRAKES

    Welcome to the forum James. Still supect air in the system. Those things can be hard to get it out. If you pump them up do you have a full pedal? Some of those had a adjustment rod on the MC push rod. As far as pulling maybe a caliper or even a rear wheel can sometimes make it pull to one side. Cheap pads and linings will also give a soft pedal feel. Let us know what you find.
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    Re: P-30 SOFT BRAKES

    You could have water in the fluid. Change the brake fluid using a power bleeder or take it to a shop that can do this for you. The pulling could be caused by a binding caliper. Is the hub hot on that side when the problem occurs?
  4. mikenmel

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    Re: P-30 SOFT BRAKES

    sounds like one of the calipers might be hanging up. most likely the left. try clamping off the 3 brake hoses and see how the pedal feels. DO NOT DRIVE WITH THEM CLAMPED OFF. they sell cheap fluid hose clamp offs at the auto part stores. with them clamped off if the pedal feels good undo one clamp at a time and see which wheel is making it feel soft. if the pedal still feels soft and low with them clamped off it's probably still air in the lines.

    another possibility, do you know if the unit has antilock on the rear axle?

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