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    Well with all this sorry gas the govt has put on us, we need to run the engine more to keep it from forming the gunk around the injectors orfice and cleaned. That may not be enough, but that is I am doing. I run the genset for about 45 min on a load, then I run the MH motor almost the same time. I willhave to replace the gas that I ran out before we head out. But all this input is very good information. I think I will go back and write it all down and make a check sheet out of it. BTW I will never put anything in my gas tank except gas. The last 2 time I added something to it, I had to replace the O2 sensors both times.
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    Hollis - I do use Stabil Marine Formula in my motorhome tank. From what I read it is specially formulated to stabilize the ethanol and keep it from gumming up. I sure hope so. I do need to get out there and run the generator, though.:):)
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    One other thing. In the Army we called it PMCS - Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services. I have seen a few "Before Leaving on Vacation" checklists, but I don't recall ever seeing a PMCS checklist anywhere. Has anyone else seen one? Or if someone makes one up, could you post it here so we can all get a copy? I know no one's individual checklist is going to be suitable for all of us, but it would give us (me) a starting point.
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    Jim ,, i think i might just have what u'r looking for ,, i have several that we had to do on fleet vehicles when i worked for Kenworth ,, let me do some digging ,, i DO know what the PMCS is :)

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