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    Fellow Motor Coach - ers ;

    Let me please raise your attention to an incredible opportunity in LaBelle Florida, an area "Out in the Middle of Everywhere"… The offering is two 31-acre Tracts of land which will allow 124 Motor Coach Lots per Tract, total lying 248 Motor Coach Lots.

    With access to a Marina and Florida's Intercostals Waterways (The Caloosahatchee River) this location is a rare find. The property is in Central Florida with additional access to Beaches and Lake Okeechobee within 30 mile distances.

    Please visit www.PortLaBelleLand.com for Auction details...
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    Re: Port Labelle, FL Awesome Sites

    Maybe you should think about paying for your free advertizement you el cheapo. :approve:
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    Re: Port Labelle, FL Awesome Sites

    Ok now where do u think he'll go .. maybe soon to get eamil from this joker,,,
    wel i setting my email for big time spam :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
    Bty go away u :8ball:
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    Re: Port Labelle, FL Awesome Sites

    Don't like the sales tacitcs, but it does provide for some good comments...thank DL and 730.

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