Portable Waste Tanks

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by Scavenger, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. Scavenger

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    I am looking into portable waste tanks.
    I cannot find the individual holding tank capacities in the literature. The manual only says "Dual Holding Tanks (Approx. Gals.) 66". Is there a capacity rule of thumb? The portables I am seeing are significantly less than 66 gallons. I can only imagine at the moment an overflow incident.

    Does anyone make a towable version? The dump site is about a quarter mile away. I am considering a mini trailer for that purpose.
  2. rjf7g

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    Re: Portable Waste Tanks

    I have a 32 or 33 gallon one I pull with a golf cart...check out GTS's on-line store page at http://bit.ly/2bHtMI
  3. Kirk

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    Re: Portable Waste Tanks

    I suggest that you get a tank that has a gauge as some do so that you can shut it off before it is quite full. Keep in mind that if you get one tank that can hold 66 gallons, you will have to deal with more than 350# of liquid. I have worked with one that holds 20 gallons and that is plenty of weight for me.

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