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Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by cleanbeef, Jun 28, 2011.

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    I have a fleetwood that I keep out at a ranch. Last year I replaced the converter in last year (WFCO 9855). It has been doing ok since then, until recently, but the last few times it started to do some weird things.

    First, everything worked but when I went to turn out the lights the low voltage alarm would go out. If I turned the light back on, it would stop. Turn the lights off again and wait and after maybe 20 seconds the alarm would stop.

    Next, when I would go out there and turn on an AC appliance, the alarm would beep.

    so.. I got a new marine battery and put it in. Everything seemed to work ok then.

    Last, I went out last weekend and everything was dead. When I turn anything on the low voltage alarm goes off.

    I'm guessing that the power converter that's only a year old has gone out already?


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    Re: Power issues

    Hello Kevin and welcome to RVUSA!

    Sounds like a real brain teaser and I know there will be plenty of great suggestions from our smart RV folks on this forum. RVing can be so much fun and so up-lifting, until an incident like this pops up...but hang on, soon your problem will be resolved and you'll be wondering, "What next?"!! That's just how it is I suppose.

    Good luck and be sure to post back and let us all know how your issue is resolved! :)
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    Re: Power issues

    Sounds like your battery is not getting charged and a replacement lasts just so long without recharging.

    You'll have to test with a voltmeter, but it could be as simple as a blown fuse. I'm thinking the battery runs down while you away for a long while. Then you turn the charger on to try and charge a really dead battery which causes too much current and blows a fuse. Just guessing, though.

    It could be that overcharging while you are away "boils" the water out of the battery thus causing the charger to blow a fuse trying to charge a dead battery. Just guessing, though.

    More info, please.

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