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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Hoppyumr, Nov 12, 2014.

  1. Hoppyumr

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    hey guys, I just picked up a nice used prodigy p3 brake controller and just finished installing it. I wanted to see if anybody has any experience with these to know if it is acting correctly for me. I've not been able to hook it up to a trailer with electric brakes yet, so that's where the curiosity is from. What it is doing is it starts up with a Tekonsha graphics screen that tells me to press a key to continue. Because I don't have a trailer hooked up when I press a key it then tells me that I don't have a trailer. However after a few seconds, maybe 15 or so if I don't press any buttons to navigate any of the menus then it will revert back to the home screen home asking me to press a key to continue. Does the returning home to the Tekonsha screen sound right after the short time out? I want to make sure it's acting correctly in case I need to go call to the seller, and more importantly I'm heading out of town this weekend to pick up a trailer, thus the recently installed brake controller. I appreciate any advice offered. Mark
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    Sounds like it is working poperly to me. If it does not see a signal from the trailer it would start over after a short intervel.

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