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  1. SAM 23

    SAM 23 New Member

    Just curious .....where do you folks usually buy your propane for the best deals. Most campgrounds charge quite a bit ....but ......I know it is a service . :shy:
  2. hertig

    hertig Senior Member


    Generally at the truck stop where I get my diesel or occasionally at the RV dealer. There is a place in town which is much cheaper (at least .30 a gallon less), but they are too small to get the 40' motorhome into. If I had removable tanks, I would get propane there; closer to the house too.
  3. TexasClodhopper

    TexasClodhopper Senior Member


    If you have a small town nearby, where there is farming and homes "in the country" then you will probably have a propane dealership that delivers propane.

    All of them that I have seen have the capacity to fill loose bottles or vehicle tanks. Ours is between $2 and $3 per gallon.

    Actually, when I have 200 gallons put into my home tank, then I can talk the man into putting 5 or 8 gallons into my MH.

    Many RV supply stores will refill, also.
  4. PoppaDoc

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    The propane company that services my home has a station which can fill RV tanks. Current price is $1.90. The route guy who delivers my propane to my house is not permitted to fill loose tanks for some reason. If on the road, usually can locate a dealer in most small towns.
  5. Kirk

    Kirk Senior Member


    We buy propane at truck stops, frequently Flying J which gives those with their "Real Value" cards a $0.05/gallon discount or we look in the phone book for a local propane supplier. The propane companies are nearly always lowest and the RV parks are usually the highest place to buy it. Of course, most of us do not use so much propane as to make it a major share of our expenses.

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