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    About 3 months ago I started researching class A diesel motorhome, with the interest in purchasing one. After hours and hours, days and week I was able to put together a list of option I would want. Realizing that it is a huge investment I decided I would start with a previously enjoyed coach and then if it worked out upgrade to a new one. Next I determined my budget and began the search for my motorhome. I narrowed the field down to two coaches, 1st a 2006 newmar ventura, 2nd a 2006 fleetwood discovery. My friend who is a full time RVer reccomended that before I purchase either one to please take a ride to Hamburg, PA , more specifically go to Boat n RV and check out their inventory. Being new at this, I welcomed the advice and made the 1 1/2 drive to Hamburg last Thursday. The first salesperson I was greeted by was very attentive, he made a list of the options I wanted, then excused himself to go check the inventory. He suggested while I waited that I visied the showroom and walk thru the units they had. About 20 minutes later he returns with another salesperson, who was determine to convince me that a gas powered ford is a better engine then a diesel powered caterpillar or cummins. This goes on for another 1/2 hour, finally I asked if they even had any diesel motorhome on this site, and if so could I please see them. He tells the first salesman to show me a clapped out 1996 holdiay rambler while he goes to check their inventory. I don't want to look at a clapped out anything, but I now know it was just a sales tacted to introduce yet another sales person, enter salesperson number 3. Sales person number 3 starts by telling me that there is no finer motorhome than a monach. They ar the best many motorhomes out there, he spend 15 minutes explaingin to me why he feels this way. When he finished I asked him if a Monach was in my price range he says no it's about $50K more than what I want to spend, but that tey could handle all my financing needs right there. I explain to him I came with cash, I didn't need an financing and if he didn't have anything else to show me, I would be on my way. Needless to say it took another hour before I could get out of there. Friday morning salesman number 1 calls, leaves a message, friday afternoon salesman number 3 calls leaves a message, He has the motorhome I have been looking for, it is a 2005 National Tropi-cal XLT, and it s loaded. Friday late afternnon salesman number 1 calls again, leaves message you have to call us back we have the motorhome of your dreams. Friday night salesman number 3 calls again, he has manager's special deal only for me, please call. When I got home friday nigt I started research this Tropi-cal XT, spent about 5 hours on various website, learned alot and to be honest with you it sounded like it could be the one. Saturday morning when salesman number 3 called I was excitied to hear about this mortorhome. He gives me the stock number to look at it on their website, gives me his 50 cent imput, and then tells me it is in their New York store. I tell him I will look it up and give him a call back. I go to the website which contain little to no information on this motorhome and bad photographs. A coupl hours later salesman number 1 calls and asks if I had a chance to look at the website, I told him I ned more informtion and more photographs. Mid-day they send me more photographs and I have to say it was a nice looking motorhome. Hd the option I was looking for and was close to my budget, so when salesman number 3 called, I was very interested in seeing it, I just had so questions. He told me I need to give him a deposit today this would allow him to schedule a driver to bring the coach down on sunday, he would have his service techs on it first thing money morning to verify that everything was in working order, then I could come up around 11:00 and complete our transaction, but he had to have a $3K deposit today! I gave him the deposit, then I looked at my schedule and realized that Monday was going to be tight, I had a 3:30 appointment I couldn't reschedule and with the drive being 1 1/2 hours each way, this would leave me no time for training on how this motorhome function. I emailed salesperson 1& 2, suggesting that I come Tuesday morning at 9:00am, which would allow them plently of time to take care of my wish list which included changing the fluids anfd filters for the engine and generator. This was a simple request, as well as a condition of the sale, it might sound silly to some, but look at it this way, if the origial filter and fluids are still on the unit that means they are atleast 4 years old, considering it is a 2005 unit. They responded no problem we will see you Tuesday the unit will be cleaned and serviced per your request. How exicting I am getting a motorhome!!! What happen from that feeling of exicitment to the feelings I have today is mind blowing!!! My monday was it normal hecked monday, about 5:00 I realized I hadn't heard from the dalership which is kinda strange considering all the phone calls during the las 4 days, but hey we all get busy. I call the dealership to verify we are for 9:00 tomorrow morning. Salesman 1 & 3 aren't avaialbe, okay could you tell them I called. About 6:30 I still haven't received a return call, strange, so I call again, this time I am told they don't know where the salesmen are, okay, I explain to the reception who I am and I need to know if Iam still coming there tomorrow. She places me on hold for about 5 minutes and then salesman number 4 picks up the phone. He tells me that the motorhome is still in New York and that they would have a drive bring it down sometime tomorrow. I explain to him the my conversation with salesperson 3, and how he had to have a $3K deposit on Saturday inorder to bring this motorhome to PA. Which becomes the first in many, many lies!! I hang up the phone change my flight information, so now I will be caugthing a 7:30 flight instead of the original 4:10 flight. Okay no problem, pay the airline change fee and start making dinner. Than salesperson 1 calls, tells me how sorry he is, that he requested they steam clean the unit in New York which was delaying the departure until 7:00 am Tuesday morning. I explain my flight schedule, he assured me I would be back to my home no later than 4:00pm on Tuesda afternoon with my new motorhome, fully serviced and steam clean. In hind sight at this point I should have walked away from the deal, but that is why they call it hind sight. Tuesday morning 9:00 am I call salesman 1, (because no one knew where salesman 3 was, so they said), He tells me everyone is in a meting and he is unable to get confirmation if the unit has left New York. At 10:30 am salesman number 5 calls, informing me that the unit is getting ready to depart New York and should be at thier showroom around 1:00pm. I explain to him my flight information, he tells me that is they have to hire a limo to take me to the airport, I will make that flight. If you are still reading this post, at this point you are starting to wonder what kind of dumbass I am, trust me I have asked myself that question a hundred time since last night. The motorhome finally arrives at 3:00 pm, it has not been services, has not been steam clean, has about 1 inch of bird droppings on the top and sides, which is visiable to anyone who has eyes, but nevertheless they sales team consisting of salesman number5 and if you can stand it, a new salesman number 6, proceed to tell me how this was a garage kept unit, that salesman number 6 personnally serviced this unit in his New York store. My mechanic climb under the unit after salesman number 6 statement of personnally servicing this unit to discover the original filters and the check engine light on because there was no coolent in the engine. I wish I could say it stop there, but unfortunely it didn't!! Salesman number 5, who I can say without a doubt didn't lie to me one time, and worked very hard to keep this deal alive. He took my list of items that need to be fixed, torn awings, large, deep scratches on the sides, missing nut and bolt on the front grille (oh which by the way per salesman number 6 happen when they where servicing the generator, LOL on that one) The leveling jack that wouldn't retract, (per salesman 6 was okay that it hangs 2 1/2" lower it was designed that way). I just wanted to leave, salesman number 5 asked what he could do to make this sale happen, both parties have invested time and money into this and that we are right there, "lets' just close his thing". I told him I wanted the original request completed, I added the additional item found during walk thru, I want a full set of manual, warranty, and not just the factory warranties, and for them to stop lying to me. It is actually embarrassaing to call an adult on lying. He goes into the office where all the salesman 1 -6 are. He comes back to me and tells me we have a deal accepted for the manual, they don't believe they can get them. Okay at this point it is 7:45 pm, my flight has left philadelphia, I am just burned out and want to be done. I go out to my car to get the insurance information, the check they told me and walk back in. As I am walking pass the salesman office I overhear them discussing me in a not flattering way, salesman number 5 see me and hussy them up. So I ask you at this point would you give them your money? In conclusion to this long tale of nonsense, The salesmen at Boat N RV in Hamburg should be retrained, made aware that consumers come in both sexes or atleast be made aware that their income is directly linked to satisfied customers. Thanks for taking the time to read this!
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    Re: purchasing an RV

    Wow!!! Is this a record? IF someone reads this will they paraprase if there's a point to be made.
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    Re: purchasing an RV

    Boy do you have patience, I would have dumped this deal 50 times. There are good dealers around and this is not one of them. I have dealt with several on my last purchase. Search on the net and search some more then E-mail for info, if it is not forthcoming dump the deal. PPL is an outstanding dealer as for my contact, they killed their own deal because of faults in the unit I would not like and told me without hesitating. Others on the west coast(where I am) sent all the info and pictures I asked for then the dealer I purchased from went so far as xtra pictures of what they felt were faults in the unit I ended up buying.

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    Re: purchasing an RV

    :eek: Goodness, this is unbelievable. I would have left just after the 2nd salesman appeared. If the first salesman can't do a deal all by himself from beginning up to the financial/contract part you are in the wrong place. The team of salesmen is a dead give-a-way that you are being had big time.

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    Re: purchasing an RV

    Welcome Sandy

    My question is ... Did you get you 3K back? Did you RUN not walk away from all this? Did you LEARN from all this?

    Another thing you have to consider is the SERVICE/MAINTAINING . Unless you are able to do for your self.

    Darlin :cool:
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    Re: purchasing an RV

    run fast and run far ,, from this deal ,, me ,, NO WAY ,, as others have said there are a lot better dealers to buy from ,, and they will take care of u after the sale ,, even on a used unit ,, do some homework ,, and then go look ,, but don't get hooked on the salesmans talk ,, it's u'r money ,, and when the rv is right for u ,, u will know it ... JMO,, though ;) :eek: :eek: :approve: :approve: :approve:

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