Question on deep cycle batteries

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by licketysplit, Aug 22, 2007.

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    I needed to buy a deep cycle battery to start my generator and noticed theres 2 diffrent types. 1 is just deep cycle and the other is deep cycle starting. which should I use? is there really a difference? I have 3 Batteries 1 For the engine starting that is a normal car battery then I have a deep cycle under the hood and a deep cycle next to my generator in it's own compartment. Thanks
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    Re: Question on deep cycle batteries

    A true deep cycle battery is intended to provide a moderate amount of current for a long time before recharge. A starting battery is intended to provide a lot of current for a very short time and then be recharged. If the generator recharges its own battery, a starting battery will probably be best. If you have to take it out and recharge it elsewhere, a 'deep cycle starting' battery may be better, but generally I don't trust 'multi-purpose' batteries as they tend to do neither function the best.

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