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    I have been in the industry for 7 years, and specialize in the on-highway market. I have learned from the best and had training at the factory. I have access to the latest information from Allison, and am here to help answer any and all of your questions. :) Thanks, and look forward to speaking with you.
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    RE: Questions

    Great and welcome. Are you currently working at an authorized dealer or distributor? Your expertise should come in handy.
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    Re: Questions

    Thanks for the offer, I have an Allison tranny in my South wind, SO FOR NO PROBLEMS so let hope it stays that way
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    RE: Towing with a GMC 3500 Diesel

    I tow a 12000 pound 5th wheel over the mountains on Vancouver Island annually. The GM brocheur says that the engine develops 650 ft/lbs of torque at 1600 rpm. I am wondering if I should shift the Allison transmission into 4-Low to tow the trailer up the steep hills, which would bring up the rpm to around 3000 rpm; or should I leave the transmission in 4-High, and keep the rpm closer to 1600 rpm, where the maximum torque is delivered.
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    Re: Questions

    If you go into 4-Low, you will be in 4 wheel drive. You don't want to do that on a paved road.

    Your transmission will pick the best gear to get over any hill. IF you want to manually adjust your RPM, go to the M position on your gearshift and use the +- button to change gears in the Transmission.
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    Re: Questions

    When you shift from 4-high to 4-low you are not shifting the Allison transmission, you are shifting the transfer-case form high to low. Low is normally used for off road, gravel, ice or snowy roads or where xtra traction is needed at a lower speed not for highway travel. As Ken said leave the Allison transmission to do its thing or shift it to a lower gear to a better RPM for conditions.

  7. Allison Expert

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    Re: Questions

    You should be using the tow/haul mode on the shift selector. I appoligize for the delay. Have not been on in a while, but will make sure I get on at least once a week. dbarton291: yes, I do work for a dealer. We are a full service/overhaul dealer for Allison.....
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    Re: Questions

    Well Allison expert it would help to get a little quicker answer. 4 months is a long time to wait for expert answers. :eek:

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