$$ Ready to take the tire plunge $$

Discussion in 'Class A / Diesel Pushers' started by gsullivan, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. gsullivan

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    I have a 13 year old Eagle thats ready for new rubber. Currently has 275/80 - 22.5 Goodyear G159's which i have read bad things about. Im thinking about moving one size larger as well. This coach gets very little use each year but retirement is sneaking up.

    Who out there recommends what. Looks like $400 to $600 a skin depending on brand. I would appreciate any feedback please. :question:
  2. nifty9

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    RE: $$ Ready to take the tire plunge $$

    I would start by saying replace with the same size it came with from manufacture.Second replace with stearring tires up front.and same if budget allows on rears I replace with michelins xza2 stearring cost$505 each .There are lots to chose from .look for manufactur rebates and cost for install. When you have a brand picked then check Date of tire befor you sign purchase order .Then enjoy your dp and keep the sun off your tires as much as posible .Dave
  3. Triple E

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    Re: $$ Ready to take the tire plunge $$

    As Dave said. Check the date the tire was made. You do not want to buy new tires that are old. Rule of RV'er; Replace every six to seven years. Too often, they sell these tires as new. Just because they have never been installed they are still old. Be careful. ;)

  4. utmtman

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    Re: $$ Ready to take the tire plunge $$

    I was just looking for new tires for my rv and Good Year does not have 22.5 they tell me. And I have talk to two different tire dealers and one camping world. They all tell me that I would have to stay with Michelin and they are a week to two weeks out if I order them. And camping world told me they no longer deal with michelin tires as well.
  5. LEN

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    Re: $$ Ready to take the tire plunge $$

    Hey Lee where ya at? We are in Blanding headed Moab tomorrow. As to the goodyear 22.5's they make a whole bunch just take your laptop in and do a search on goodyear 22.5 and you get pages to show them. Maybe they don't allow goodyear in Utah.

  6. Shorty

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    Re: $$ Ready to take the tire plunge $$

    I was in the quandry for a while also. 3 of us have put Cooper tire on, Tradewind, Am Eagle and my Dutch Star
    went with silicone beads to balance the rear, even though you may not need to balance the rear.
    Tried beads in the front also....didn't like them...went to hammer weights and drive improved.
    However, now after putting some 6 hour drives I am not sold on the Coopers as a steer tire. I seem to find myself continually driving the coach instead of steering. I am thinking about swapping out the steer axle tires and go back to Mich or another. I had Mich that were put on from the 04 recall and they did not wander.
    Pardon the put...but I'm still kickin' tires on this one
    on another note...the Coopers in the rear are very smooth...one down side to these is that they are a little noisier. The cross thread between the main tread is straight across as opposed to a diagonal cut in the Mich. This may account for the tire noise
    I'll be quiet not :)
  7. Triple E

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    Re: $$ Ready to take the tire plunge $$

    Shorty, what problem did have with the beads? Did you remove the beads from the rear and front or just the front? I have been debating ontrying them or not. Your comment will be of much help. :question: :question: :question:

  8. abigail

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    RE: $$ Ready to take the tire plunge $$

    Go to a Wingfoot Commercial Tire center. They have truck & rv tires and probably are more knowledgeable than anyone at Camping World. You can also see what they have on-line at www.wingfoot.com

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