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    I have a 94 Southwind/Oshkosh 5.9 Cummins. I have given up on trying to fix the stock cruise control (Speed Signal issue) Does anyone know of an after market Cruise control unit that I could install on this?

    Thanks for any info.

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    Re: Recommend Aftermarket Cruise Control

    Crusie King by King controls. That is probably the same as you have now but it is the only one I know of for diesels without an electronic engine. Also, on there web site the have trouble shooting and will help to fix the one you have if it is King control.
    Good luck
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    Re: Recommend Aftermarket Cruise Control

    Thanks, I will check out "King controls"
    btw. I have some Ford P/U truck cruise conrol according to Frieghtliner. I do have a Ford steering wheel with the cruise control buttons and the Cruise control Black box/amplifier says FORD. I even went to the wrecking yard and found a replacement off a Ford truck.

    Everything works if I simulate the Ford VSS signal with an actual speed sender from a Ford truck (spinning with drill motor on jack stands) I'm just tired of triing to figure out why the VSS on my motor home doesn't work. There is a weak signal and no schematics available at all. Way too much time and effort spent already. Time to go aftermarket, at least I'll know how it's wired then.

    Thanks again

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    Re: Recommend Aftermarket Cruise Control

    Good News
    I installed the King Cruise. I now have cruise control that works. Thanks for the great recommendation. Steve at King Cruise has great support. Even after hours on Sunday.

    Bad News
    When I first installed the King Cruise, it didn't work. It didn't work for the same reason that my factory cruise didn't work. A bad speed signal. I ran a new wire from the Allison ECU #157 the entire 35' to the King Control, it now works. I assume that I could have fixed my factory cruise the same way. Oh well at least the King Control actually interfaced with my factory cruise buttons on my steering wheel. That was a nice touch.


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    Re: Recommend Aftermarket Cruise Control

    Glad that it worked out for u ,, and i bet u feel a whole bunch better ,, due to the fact that u did it' u'r self ,,, now what else u gonna tackle :question: :question: ;) :laugh: :laugh:

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