Recommendations for seam sealant

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by trishy, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. trishy

    trishy New Member

    Well, we've had the pop up for several days now and we're just about done getting her ready for her first trip. Overall, we're really happy. She did great for the first couple of rains then we had some downpours yesterday and water has dripped in from two seams (not the roof - whew).

    We tried the seam sealant from Walmart - does not work. Is there something else out there that is better?



    ARCHER Senior Member

    Re: Recommendations for seam sealant

    Trishy, if your talking about the canvas seams, I'd buy some of the spray waterproofing for for tents, etc. They also make a wax like tube of stuff for seams, but that might be what you just tried. ;)
  3. C Nash

    C Nash Senior Member

    Re: Recommendations for seam sealant

    Parfin wax always worked for me.
  4. trishy

    trishy New Member

    Re: Recommendations for seam sealant

    Well, we had tried the Kenyan sealant and it didn't work. However, clear silicone caulking worked like a charm! I will try the Parfin wax next time if we have anymore problems. I'm so impressed with my work on the seams, I've decided I'm an ace with a caulking gun and am going to recaulk a bathroom or two.

    Blessings and sorry about posting this twice about the sealant!

  5. Kirk

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    Re: Recommendations for seam sealant

    Silicone caulking for the seams in the canvas? I can't think that is a very good choice but reading your second post I'm not sure. Having done a lot of camping in both tents and in two different pop-up trailers I sure would not depend upon caulk to seal a sewn seam. In time it will separate and leak again. When it does you will need to get 100% of it out of the material because not even silicone caulk will stick to cured silicone.

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