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  1. tdphillips

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    Just got home from Florida after being gone for 7 weeks and have our little Georgie Boy parked in our driveway while we empty and clean it out and I'm wondering, if it will harm the fridge if it sits with the front end down a little bit more than the back end? I know they're supposed to be kept level but I don't think we'll have it in this spot for more than 2-3 more days.
  2. Grandview Trailer Sa

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    It depends on the angle. IF your refer is in the rear of your MH, it won't make much difference. IF it is on the side of the MH, it should be within 3 degrees. Any more the fluid and gases don't flow through the coils properly. Now, it really won't HURT anything, it just won't cool as it should.
  3. Justjohn

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    Never run a fridge on a bad angle. I did once and clogged up my unit. I took it out to try to repair it and in transport the sloshing freed up the clog. I got lucky but don't count on doing it again. Better to shut it down than taking a chance on ruining a unit. They're expensive to repair or replace. J J
  4. Grandview Trailer Sa

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    Old ones are a lot more finiky than newer.
  5. tdphillips

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    Thanks so much! Learn something everytime I log on to this site! It IS on the side (the refer) but Ihave turned it off now and will move the RV to a level spot as soon as I finish cleaning it out! Thanks again guys!
  6. Guest

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    one more thing ,, make sure u wipe the inside of the refer down good ,, and after that keep the doors open to both the refer and the freezer ,, otherwise u wiil get mold and rust ,, and if that happens ,, it makes it more of a pain to get ready for another trip ,, but JMO
  7. tdphillips

    tdphillips Member

    Thanks again! Got it turned off and cleaned out - put a box of baking soda in there for in between times. Just have to finish vacuming it and then we'll move it to our permanent space.
  8. wineman

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    It should be okay as long as the angle is not super steep. I would keep a close eye on it however you never know what might go wrong but I really do think you should be fine

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