Renting an RV + Advise to Scandinavians :)

Discussion in 'RV Tips & Tricks' started by Mads The Dane, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. Mads The Dane

    Mads The Dane New Member

    Hey all :)

    All the way from Copenhagen, Denmark in Europe, Im hoping for some advise on our recently summer holiday-idea.

    We're looking to rent an A-Class RV for the 6 of us (3 couples). But we're unsure of what ethics and "do's and dont's" there are when doing a road trip from East (NY) to West (LA).

    Also, I remember doing a trip from NY across the states to some distant relatives in Reno, NV 10 years ago, and then headed back over Chicago to NY - boy that was a loooong trip in 3-4 weeks.. If we wanna see alot of american city and social life, combined with some amazing sights, like the Hoover Dam and Las Vegas (just to name a very few). Im sure there are other sights that you can recommend for us in our mid and late twenties :) ?

    Are there anything we should be specially aware of when renting an RV ? Size ? Mileage ? water consumption ? anything ? bear in mind that we're completely new to this :)

    I will keep an eye our for your responses ! and im sure some of them will lead to new questions :)

    Thank you all very much in advance :) !

    Mads & Louise
    Frederik & Anna
    Christian & .. hmm time will tell :)
  2. elkhartjim

    elkhartjim Senior Member

    Re: Renting an RV + Advise to Scandinavians :)

    First thought...six adults in a 40 footer is going to be tight quarters. How long do you plan on being in our great country?
  3. Mads The Dane

    Mads The Dane New Member

    Re: Renting an RV + Advise to Scandinavians :)

    Is it ? We're looking to take 3 weeks straight. I know more could easily be spent, but unfortunately we all have jobs waiting for us.

    ARCHER Senior Member

    Re: Renting an RV + Advise to Scandinavians :)

    Drop off in Calif and fly home? Drop off FEES? In three weeks you can see a whole lot, but ya better plan it out real good. Do a mapquest of your route and what you want to see and go from there. Good luck ;)
  5. Kirk

    Kirk Senior Member

    Re: Renting an RV + Advise to Scandinavians :)

    I suggest that you check with the company, Cruise America for prices. I have not heard of a single RV that will allow six adults to travel in comfort for three weeks. Most do not have sleeping space for six adults. We live in a 36 foot motorhome and it does have space for six to sleep, but the couch and the dinette are pretty small for two adults. They do work for our grandchildren when they travel with us but adults would only work for small people.

    The other part of this is the distance that you are looking at traveling in only three weeks. If you travel by the most direct route, the distance is 2,830 miles, or 4,555 kilometers. There are virtually hundreds of things to see between those two cities. Major cities are places like Washington DC, Chicago, St. Louis, Nashville, Kansas City, Denver, Dallas, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas and many others. If you visit even half of those cities your distance will increase to more than 4,000 miles or 6,500 kilometers.

    Now add in a few of the more major national parks and major features such as Yellowstone Natl. Park, Glacier Natl. Park, Rocky Mountain Natl. Park, Bryce Canyon/Zion Natl. Park, Grand Canyon Natl. Park, Yosemite Natl. Park, Big Bend Natl. Park, and there are hundreds of other parks and historic sites, and your distance could increase more, or even double.

    With only three weeks to travel a distance that could easily become 5000 miles (8000K) and you will have to travel at least 250 miles(400K) every day, or double that for any day that you take time out to see something. Could it be done? Absolutely! But if you do this it will be very difficult to fit everyone in and you will not have much time to see very many things along the way. I would suggest that you take a hard look at what is in the USA and choose carefully where you wish to visit and select some special places and then travel from one to the next, spending several days at the selected locations.

    It is pretty easy to travel 500 miles(800K) in a travel day as speed limits here are such that you could usually do that distance in about 8 hours. But that does not allow for any time to see things. If you were to plan this type of trip, it would allow you to do the distance of 5000 miles in ten days of travel and so you could then spend a day or two at each of the selected stops.

    I really believe that you would enjoy this trip far more if you were to take on a shorter trip and not attempt to see the entire US in three weeks. It is not possible to see a country such as ours which is 3000 miles east to west and almost 2000 miles north to south, in just three weeks. My wife and I have been living in our RV now for nearly nine years and to date we have not seen everything there is in the USA. I suspect that you do not realize the size of the trip you are thinking of.
  6. Mads The Dane

    Mads The Dane New Member

    Re: Renting an RV + Advise to Scandinavians :)

    Ok - thats very valid information. With virtually no experience in this field, I just saw 3 x double beds in some of the 35+ foot'ers. I imagine that your right - 6 ppl might be just over the top.. true. We could reduce it to 5 ppl, still that would be rather tight.

    Top quality info Kirk - personally I wouldnt have thought of St. Louis or Nashville etc. I'll check them out and see if they are of any interest to us :)

    Again, very nice info - i've never heard the actual Natl. parks. Ofcourse we've heard of Grand Canyon (who hasnt..) and Rocky Mt. But thx for putting a few names down for us, to help us plan our trip :)

    Yes, thats what we're currently doing. We're planning to take off around july 2009, which is in about 6 months. I like your idea of spending more than one day at each location, i'll include that.

    500 miles.. thats a long 1-day travel.. obviously we'd be 3 drivers as a minimum which would ease up on the "work-load" of each driver.

    I see ur point and I also partly agree. Taking a week to see NY, or a long weekend to Las Vegas etc. However, with the costs of renting an RV, and the flights to the US from Denmark, combined with the travel time, we'd rather take a full 3 weeks and cover as much as possible - within a relaxed timeframe. This goes quite well in-hand with ur thoughts on spending a few days at each location, and by that recucing the amount of locations visited.

    I do realize the size - as mentioned, I did an "east -> west... and back" in 3-4 weeks. But that wasnt too pleasant either - so this will be very different this trip. I think your right though, fully comprehending the size is difficult.

    Thx so much for taking your time to share your thoughts, suggestions and ideas :)

    We're still looking for more suggestions on the "Need to visit" locations cross the US. :)

    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Scandinavia, Europe
  7. Mads The Dane

    Mads The Dane New Member

    Re: Renting an RV + Advise to Scandinavians :)

    Thx alot Archer :) Thats a very valid and important question. "Drop off Fee". I'll pay attention to that.

    I like the idea of a "Mapquest". I'll get right onto it ! :)

    Thx alot Archer.

    Mads + the Scandi group
  8. SnowbirdInFlight

    SnowbirdInFlight Senior Member

    Re: Renting an RV + Advise to Scandinavians :)

    Hey Mads! Welcome to the forum. [​IMG]Here is my 'two cents' on your plans.

    I realize as Kirk said that six adult people would be a tight squeeze for three weeks, but there are ways around the sleeping and dining problems.

    Sleeping: You have the option to use a blow-up mattress, available at low costs at Wal-Mart, which would allow the living area to become a 'bedroom' at night. Easily inflated and deflated. If sleeping in the living area isn't feasible, you could geta tent[​IMG] and set it up at the same campsite. Most places will allow one tent at no additional fee. You could use the mattress or just sleeping bags in the tent. You guys are young! You shouldbe able to sleep any where, lol.

    Dining: Since you will be touring in the summer and most sites have a picnic table at the campsite, dine outside. Your RV should have an awning [​IMG]to allow for cover while dining. If outdoor eating isn't your thing, get a cheap folding table and chairs to use to seat four people while the other two use the RV table. This way everyone can eat inside the RV in case of inclement weather.

    Just my humble suggestions.

    By the way - St. Louis, MO and Nashville, TN are great places and also Chicago, IL.
  9. Mads The Dane

    Mads The Dane New Member

    Re: Renting an RV + Advise to Scandinavians :)

    Hey SnowbirdInFlight :)

    Thank you very much for your very usefull tips :) I like the idea with the blow-up mattress ! Also, having a spare tent if needed might also be an idea. And yes... we can sleep almost anywhere :)

    Alright - so dinning 6 ppl isnt possible with the standard table and chairs, I didnt know that... but ofc, when I start to think about I see what you mean.

    Thx for your suggestions on St. Louis and Nashville. Chicago is a place i'd personally love to go to.. but I have a feeling that its too far north if we wanna start off in NY, and perhaps go down to Florida and Miami. Thx though for the suggestion :)

  10. DL Rupper

    DL Rupper Senior Member

    Re: Renting an RV + Advise to Scandinavians :)

    Check out a 30 foot Class C. They sometimes have more sleeping space than a Class A. they are built for family camping whereas a lot of the Class A,s are designed for couples to use for extended living/camping. Also, the rental companies have more Class C's to choose from. :)
  11. cwishert

    cwishert Member

    Re: Renting an RV + Advise to Scandinavians :)

    DL I was going to suggest the same thing. Our 29' class C has sleeping space for six full sized adults and two small children. However it only has seat belts for 7. Go figure! We have a son who is 6'2" and he comfortably sleeps in the overhead compartment, on the sofa or on the queen bed in the back. Also the dining table will seat 4 and then the sofa is close enough to be able to put your cup on if you want to eat with your plate in your lap. Of course in summer time you would probably be outdoors more than in so no problems with dining. The only thing is you would have to get a toad that will also carry 6 passengers if you plan on doing a lot of sightseeing that cannot be done in the MH. Our PT cruiser only holds 4 and that is tight.
  12. DL Rupper

    DL Rupper Senior Member

    Re: Renting an RV + Advise to Scandinavians :)

    Hey Carol, powerful minds sometimes think alike. :laugh: :approve:
  13. LEN

    LEN Senior Member

    Re: Renting an RV + Advise to Scandinavians :)

    I guess a big question is age with 6 or even 5. In my 20's no problem, in my 30's OK(maybe), in my 40's too much beer and too much gas, in my 50's you gotta be kidding, and now in my 60's(low 60's) no frikken way.
    And a lot depends on what you want to see of our USA?
    National parks I would look at flying into maybe Denver and doing a loop. This cut mileage to maybe 2000 miles and no one way fees. And the size RV you need will limit some of the roads you can drive, however there are tour bus's to fill in.
    A class A with 3 double beds would work and give a lot of storage of clothing as you will need at least hot, cool and some cold weather gear in the basement and storage of food although traveling a lot food is an easy stop but too many takes time away from the site seeing.
    Keep the info coming on what you would like to see and we can fill in.


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