Restaurants in St. Marys,Ga?????

Discussion in 'Full Timing' started by parigi, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. parigi

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    Happy holidays everybody!!!!!
    I'm spending some time in St.Marys,Ga.and I was wondering if someone might have
    some input concerning "seafood"restaurants or southern cusine in the area.
    There are some navy bases I thought that someone could suggest a few places.
    Many thanks.......parigi.
  2. SnowbirdInFlight

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    RE: Restaurants in St. Marys,Ga?????

    St. Marys Dining

    We just stayed there recently and we ate at Lang's Marina Restaurant at 307 West St. Marys Street and really liked it. Resonably priced and tasty. We also ate at St. Marys Seafood & Steakhouse at 1837 Osborne Road. A little pricy and the fried potatoes on the menu turned out to be french fries. When I told the waitress I was expecting fried potatoes not french fries, since that is what the menu said I was going to get, she got real defensive and acted as if I had insulted her, lol. I told her they were Micky D's fries and NOT fried potatoes, ha-ha. So, if you do decide to eat there, don't order the 'fried' potatoes unless you like fries.
  3. The Englishman

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    Re: Restaurants in St. Marys,Ga?????

    Sweet Jesus!

    I soooooo miss fresh seafood with a fresh, hot cup of tea and the sound of the gulls squabbling over scraps from high in the heavens.

    Crabs, lobster, scallops, winkles, mussels and cockles and hot PG Tips tea and the smell of the sea. Oh! I think there has not been anything nicer than that. Sadly Iowa is a long ride from the sea.

  4. C Nash

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    Re: Restaurants in St. Marys,Ga?????

    Now Steve I can go along with all the vittles but you can have your hot tea :laugh: If it's hot give me coffee :approve: Teas supposed to have ice in it :laugh: ;)
  5. parigi

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    RE: Restaurants in St. Marys,Ga?????

    Much appreciatted and happy New Year to all!!!!!parigi.

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