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Discussion in 'Class B Motorhomes' started by rodigo, May 28, 2007.

  1. rodigo

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    Can someone tell me what powers the macerator- Is it the house battery? Mine stopped working even when plugged in.
  2. C Nash

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    Re: Roadtrek RSA

    I'm lost :eek: What's a macerator? Welcome to the forum
  3. hertig

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    Re: Roadtrek RSA

    A macerator is a grinder, which grinds up the sewage and pumps it through a smaller hose (3/4" to 1").

    The ones I've seen are 12v, but I guess there is no reason they couldn't make a 120v one.

    Find the power into the unit, and put a volt meter on it to see if you are getting power. If so, then the unit is bad. If not, then you have a blown fuse or detached/broken wire.
  4. bigjim

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    :( we have a macerator pump on our 2005 210 roadtrek, it is a real time waster for dumping, we need to dump every three days and one person holds the switch on while other person holds hose in dump station, stay away from ,macerator pumps,we are going trade our roadtrek for something with regular sewer hose. I like the kiss method { keep it simple stupid.}
  5. hertig

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    Re: Roadtrek RSA

    My macerator has a push on/push off switch, so no holding the switch required. And as for holding the hose in place, I use an adapter which connects to the hose, and screws into the dump station. I love it, except when in a hurry as mentioned, it is slow going. But great when you need to go further or uphill to dump, as at my dad's place.
  6. rvtech1

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    RE: Roadtrek RSA

    Yes House Battery macerator runs 12/vlts.

    You probably blew the fuse. If you try using the macerator without opening the valves and the handle first it will blow the fuse every time. Also there is a manual crank next to both the dump valves you should push this in and spin it a few times before engaging the Macerator switch, this will free up the macerator if it is jammed up with depri. Also make sure your using nothing but RV toilet paper and chemicals.
    There is a good chance the switch may be out also to find out just pull the switch out and jump the 2 connectors with a wire, if it dont come on the motor on the Macerator is Bad, that is a Shur-Flow issue it has a 1 yr warranty. send them the sticker off the pump if it is bad and they will send a new one.
    Dont forget your battery disconnect switch must be on. And your RTRS came with rubber Donut to add to the end of the hose for dumping at the site. Trust me you dont want to switch to a gravity dump hose.

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