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    Hello everyone, have been lurking for a while gathering all the information I need to make my repair to my roof. I have to say the forums that are available are a great tool and resource of information for the Do it yourselfer. After getting a couple of quotes to replace about 4' of roof at the front cap I have decided to tackle this project myself. I built an 8' long scaffold under my RV carport and found out it was fairly easy to remove the old EDPM and wood. Have it all cleaned up now and ready to go back with the new wood decking and EDPM rubber roof. My question to you all is when I splice back into my old rubber roof do I overlap to two with the new overlapping the old, or do I lay one over the other and take a razor blade knife and cut down through both and simply butt the two end together? I plan on using 4" Eternabond to cover the splice regardless. My other question is that my roof is 12 years old. Would it be a good idea as far as preventive maintenance to go head a use the 4" Eternabond and run it around the entire MH where the roof meets the side walls to seal it again? I have cleaned the whole roof and while I'm up their mind as well take care of everything. I’m also replacing the insulation as it did get wet in both corners. Lucky for me the Dutchstar has aluminum framing so no wood to replace as far as framing goes, just the decking. Once again thanks to everyone on the forums for all the great information. I have to say the suggestion to use a heat gun to warm up the old caulking was by far the best, really made the job go fast.

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