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Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by monlee, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. monlee

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    Hey Guys! Long time reader, first time poster.

    Got a question finally worth asking that hadn't been answered yet as far as I know. Well, it's more product advice than a question. I came across an article on projector central about a mini projector it highly rated. I currently have a 15" crt tv inside our Class A motorhome and I am looking for an upgrade (I hate leaving my 46" LCD at home!). Putting a monster LCD or big projector inside our RV just isn't realistic but this thing honestly looks like it could work.

    I wanted to check with you all first to see if anyone has seen one in use or owns one themselves? Here is the projector central review link: http://www.projectorcentral.com/AAXA_M1_Plus_pocket_projector_review.htm

    And here is one pic I was able to find on google images that says it's from one:


    Thanks for you help guys. I hope I can return the favor soon now that I am signed up. Cheers!
  2. Kirk

    Kirk Senior Member

    Re: RV display advice

    It doesn't look like anyone has done what you have in mind. Why not a flat screen TV?
  3. akjimny

    akjimny Senior Member

    Re: RV display advice

    If I understand your proposal correctly you intend to hang a roll up movie-type screen from the ceiling of your motorhome and use the projector to show tv/movies on it??? I've never seen it done in a motorhome, not even at any of the rv shows. Seems a bit extreme IMO. Good luck and let us know how it turn out.
  4. RBurrows

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    Re: RV display advice

    You probably can either get a professionally made roll-up or you can just paint a sheet of cardboard depending on how large of an image you want to get out of the projector. The larger the image, however, the dimmer you'll want the room.
  5. stargazerww

    stargazerww New Member

    Re: RV display advice

    you can even have showings on the side of the rv for kids in the park if you have kids looks lkie a cool idea and portable,
  6. Flynn

    Flynn New Member

    Re: RV display advice

    one thing i was wondering is will the projector screen fit in the RV and have enought room in the RV to project the image.

    stargazerww has a excellant idea and could be awesome with a good sound system or even somehow earphones so your not disturbing people around you
  7. stargazerww

    stargazerww New Member

    Re: RV display advice

    well u can have any screen size you want just move the projector closer but a 5 x 4 screen would be big in mine and i dont have slide outs but if you have slide outs in the right spot you could go even bigger this depends on the rv you have only you can decide that i think try it out on a big piece of paper for starters and when you see the size you want buy that size in screen material

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