RV hire in California 2009

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by SteveUK, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. SteveUK

    SteveUK New Member

    Hello to all in the Forum.

    I'm new to this site and from England.
    My family and I are planning a 3 week holiday (vacation) in May 2009, flying into San Fran. We are going to hire an RV for the duration. I have done quite alot of research already into companies that rent RV's but just wondered if anybody could recommend a company that they may have used themselves?
    The companies that 'seem' to be the best (I could be wrong !!) are......

    Cruise America
    El Monte
    Road Bear

    From the ones above Cruise America and El Monte appear to be the most competitive with their alround packages.

    I would welcome any thoughts / comments as to the above companies and even suggestions onto other RV rental companies that you may know about.

    This is going to be the 1st of many threads I feel !!!

    thanks in advance

    Steve :cool:
  2. DL Rupper

    DL Rupper Senior Member

    Re: RV hire in California 2009

    Hey Steve, welcome to the forum. Most of us on the forum have our own RV's so haven't had much experience with actually renting one.

    Most of the foreigners that I have come across RVing in the USA use Cruise America or El Monte. While I was in Cody, WY last spring a caravan of about 12 to 15 RV's from Cruise America pulled in with a group of Germans. Actually I think Cruise America is the most popular of all the RV Rental companies. Hope this helps and hope you have a good trip.
  3. *scooter*

    *scooter* Senior Member

    Re: RV hire in California 2009

    Steve, being in California the most rental RV's seen around are from Cruise America and El Monte. I have not heard anything adverse on either one, except they are pretty pricey.. :eek:
    Good Luck.
  4. SteveUK

    SteveUK New Member

    Re: RV hire in California 2009

    Thanks for the above replies. Wish I was buying and not renting.....could quite easily spend a few years travelling thru the USA.........
  5. Pancanbob

    Pancanbob Senior Member

    Re: RV hire in California 2009

    Hi, SteveUK

    Welcome to the Forum
    There is a Free Add service for buying / selling and sometimes private people will rent their RV.
    Called Craig’s List http://sfbay.craigslist.org/rvs/ for less expense then commercial.
    I’ve never use Craig’s List, but I have look at it. Be very careful as these will be private people, and you will have very little recourse once the have your money.

    We also have one of your countrymen in our forum.
    He also has a home page “The Englishman America Tour” http://englishman.texasclodhopper.net/

    And another Englishman who is presently in the USA touring.
    Travel USA – a Brit perspective, he talks about VISA, Banking, Driving License, and so it should be helpful to you

    Hope you fine this useful to you
    Take care
  6. SteveUK

    SteveUK New Member

    Re: RV hire in California 2009

    thanks pancanbob.....i will look at the sites you suggested.....
  7. Kirk

    Kirk Senior Member

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