RV slide floor leak advise

Discussion in 'Talkback' started by mebare, Sep 11, 2009.

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    We have had a leak in our rear bedroom slide off and on for a while that appears at the outside floor of HR Vacationer motorhome. We have checked roof and it looks fine. seals look fine. We have now noticed that when the slide is extended out that on the bottom outisde the bottom seems to be drooping down from the edge and it appears this may be how the water is seeping in. We tried silicone to seal, but did not hold. Any suggestions on what to use to seal this outisde portion back in place and fix the leak?
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    Re: RV slide floor leak advise

    Welcome to the forum. There was a fix for this kind of problem mebare. HR supplied some little drain cups that had to be installed on each lower corner. Had to cut to install. Never did mine but have the drain cups. Found that the only time it got wet was when I retracted the room after rains. Now just make sure all water is off the room cover before retracting. Have had no more problems. Just didn't want to make the small cuts in the lowere corners for the drains. Yours may not fall under this MFG design problem. Ours is a 2002.
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    Re: RV slide floor leak advise

    Damn ,, Nash ,, i didn't know that ,, but good point for others ,, i have not (yet ) had do deal with a prob like that ,, but it may come up ,, and since u said that ,, i'll know where to look ,, agian good pointer :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve:
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    RE: RV slide floor leak advise

    Could also be the outside moulding trim needs to be resealed with silicone. Thats where my leak was from. It didn't look at all like it needed to be resealed,but that's where Monaco found the leak.

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