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    Well if you dont like his post you can go to his profile and block. I'm really just playing the devils advocate here as I have no idea what Andrews reason for posting is. I can guess but sometimes I do think we tend to jump on posters for what we don't deem ok. Think we may discourage some that might turn out to be good posters. Also was just wanting to see if Andrew would come back to defend his post which he did by saying thish is how he would have did it if he was advertizing and posted his website again. :( . Guess I just feel it the moderators job to monotor the site and remove what they think is not right. I have been on several sites where the forum members jump on posters that don't post what they like and that's the reason I have been here on RVUSA from almost the beginning. Our moderators have been pretty liberal with letting posters post. I know we have ran a few posters off by kinda jumping them. Some are just new and dont know all the ropes. AJMHO :)
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    And now back to Ray McDonald's original question with thanks to Kirk for his input.

    If parking your rig in Florida, do NOT park on grass without putting something between the tires and the ground. Florida centipede grass will grow thru concrete, or your tires. Home Depot sells rubber anti-fatigue floor mats that I have heard are good for parking on. Personally when my rig is parked in my yard in Florida, I park it on concrete pads. I also used tire covers to block the sun. Sunlight UV and ozone will eat tires alive.

    If your RV has jacks or stabilizers and you can get your tires off the ground, so much the better.

    I would not use an RV cover due to moisture build-up and chaffing when the winds blow. I would, however, make sure to close all the window curtains/blinds and use a front windshield cover to keep sunlight out of the RV. Wash your RV right before you store it and use a good wax specific to your siding (metal or fiberglass) to protect against those pesky UV rays.

    Hope this helps some Ray and post back to let us know how you do. :) :) :)
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    Thanks for bringing back Ray's original question Jim. We do tend to get away from the poster questions but keeping the post going keeps it current until someone gives great info like you did.

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