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    We have a very small fifth wheel so storage is always a challenge. Our interests, archaeology and biology, take us far and wide and we are often far away from stores for days or weeks so we try to stay organized and prepared. We use soft side briefcases, bought at garage sales and thrift stores for $1-5, to organize and store many necessities in the truck and trailer. They are durable and very easy to stash-we have the basics: first aid, picnic, tools, etc., bags in the truck and trailer. We also store store reference books, maps, camera gear, biology and archaeology materials, grandkid toys, etc., in the bags, as well. Each bag is tagged with it's contents.

    This storage method is certainly not decorative or "cool" but is incredibly useful and serves our needs very well.
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    Re: RV & Truck Storage

    Hey DCA, welcome to the forum. Storage method sounds COOL. ;)
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    Re: RV & Truck Storage

    Man, I envy all the folks that are organized. Methods sound great DCA and welcome to the forum. Keep the good tips coming :approve:
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    HI there,
    How I could post a question?
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    Hi LULU and welcome to the forum. look at the top of the page or at the bottom where you see repyl or new thread, just type in the subject. and below that is a box for you type your question(s)

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