RV virgins planning a road trip! Help please :)

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by andygo, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. andygo

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    Hi everyone,
    We are 4 guys in our mid-twenties from the UK. We're planning a road trip for September 2010. Collection in Salt Lake City on 11 Sept 2010, drop-off in San Francisco on 23 Sept 2010.

    The main question is which type of RV would be best for us? We want the largest and most impressive possible without spending an absurd amount of money. I like the look of the class A's, because it seems that you get so much of a better view of your surroundings, but perhaps the Class C's would be more feasible? If two of us have to share a double bed that'll be fine, but we range from about 5"9 - 6"2 in height, so I'm a bit concerned about some of these small single beds.

    Having done some preliminary searches, everything's coming out SO expensive once you add on one-way fees, taxes, insurance, mileage, starter kits, etc etc etc. Can anyone give us some guidance as to the cheapest reputable companies to use?

    Any other advice would be HUGELY appreciated! Thanks so much everyone! :)
  2. big bilko

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    RE: RV virgins planning a road trip! Help please :)

    OH BOYS. :) :) :) :evil: :evil:
  3. utmtman

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    Re: RV virgins planning a road trip! Help please :)

    Welcome to the world of reality, for the short time you are talking about traveling you would be better off to rent a car and stay in motels. You would see much more in that short time.
  4. hamdave

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    Re: RV virgins planning a road trip! Help please :)

    I have to agree with utmtman, but if you're really deadset on an RV, get a class C. Cruise america rents a lot of these. You will be happier with the car rental cause you won't have to deal with where to park when you want to stop and see the sights. Have fun though..

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