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    I purchased a 2010 Monaco Class A and was provided a 4 year extended warranty at a cost of nearly $6,000. That seems excessive. Is there a good reputable warranty company out there that has more reasonable pricing. This one is through Phonenix American. Any recommendation or experience with Phoenix American would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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    Re: RV Warranty


    Don't buy it from a M/H dealer. If you do remember price is negotiable.

    Why I bought my 07 Dynasty I went with Prism who has since been bought out and my warranty had a seamless transfer. At the time Prism was Monaco's extended warranty program and I dealt with them directly vice the Monaco dealer and I paid less than 1/3 of the price you quoted.

    I'm sure others will reply to this thread with their experience. I've use my EW 3X and have never had an issue. 1X since Prism changed hands and it was like nothing ever happenned as far as administration of the EW.

    Fly Navy
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    Re: RV Warranty

    Hi Denny, I to bought from from my dealer, BIG MISTAKE. I later found out I could get the same coverage at almost 1/2 what I paid for it. I do have to say they was good to deal and paid for all the claims minus the deductable. But when it ran out they want to just the price up 2.5 k more, no way for me. I now have Good Sams and I feel is a good/fair price. however I have not had a claim with them, and my opinion may change once I do.
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    Re: RV Warranty

    Just make sure you read the Terms before buying. I mean cover to cover. "If a warranty part knocks out a non-warranty part, the non-warranty part is not covered. If a non-warranty part knocks out a warranty part, the warranty part is not covered". See what I mean. You just need to be ready for any surprises.

    Now with that being said. My brother is on his third transmission, no charge, and I have had a complete A/C replaced, no charge accept for the Freon.

    This is with the Good Sam protection.

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