Salem 19&#039 trailer comments?

Discussion in 'Old RVUSA Forum' started by Old Forum Post, Apr 8, 2001.

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    [Matt Hill] I am very interested in the Salem 19&#039 trailer by Forest River. I&#039ll tow it witrh a 2 door Tahoe, 5.7 Vortec V-8. Anyone have any comments?
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    Salem 19&#039 trailer comments?

    [Les Adams] Matt,

    I don&#039t have any first hand knowledge of Forest River products, but I would check it pretty carefully...

    There have been posts, at least in the past, regarding low quality of Forest River products... That said, I have heard comments from satisfied owners too...

    Do your homework and make sure the rig looks decent and has decent warranty and you have a good dealer who will support you if there are any problems...

    You should do OK with the Tahoe (although the 6.0L would be better)as the trailer is small and light enough... Make sure you have a good hitch particularlyl with the shorter wheelbase Tahoe and make ABSOLUTELY sure you have some type of sway control, either friction, or built into the hitch or preferably a premium antisway hitch like Hensley or PullRite... You didn&#039t mention the rear axle ratio or the trailer weight but anything from 3:55, to 3:73 to 4:10 should be pretty good with the lighter trailer... Based upon my past experiences with an older (1984 KIT Road Ranger) 20&#039 Trailer, I would guess you&#039ll come in around #4000 fully loaded...

    Best Regards,

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