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  1. kimrickb

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    I bought a new Sandpiper Travel Trailer 30'. My husband and I were putting it up for the year and discovered major water damage. We have only owned it for 3 months. I'm trying to find some sort of warranty information online and I'm having no luck. I have informed the dealer we bought it from I either want my money back or another new camper like mine. Anyone have any info for me??

    Kimrickb :(
  2. Kirk

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    Re: Sandpiper

    What state are you in? There are lemon laws in some states, but I suspect that you will have to allow them to attempt to repair it first in order to have that apply.
  3. kimrickb

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    Re: Sandpiper

    Thank you for the reply. I'm in the state of Michigan. I can't imagine how they will repair this camper. The carpets are soaked, there is water stain lines on the cabinets. I will fight to the end that I will not keep this camper!!
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    Re: Sandpiper

    Something was said about Forest River just the other day.....Sorry

    When I dealt with them years ago, they had a repair building. I expect they still have it. If the job is too big for your dealer, make them take it back. They can make it look new again. Good Luck

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