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Discussion in 'Class C Motorhomes' started by bazzawind, Oct 15, 2012.

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    My wife and I will be touring for a few months in our newly aquired 2001 31' Fourwinds Chateau up to California and back from our Ft Myers condo in Florida and we are thinking of taking a 150cc Scooter with us for the conveinence of local shopping and sightseeing. Now Iv'e been looking at the Amazon website for suitable carries to fit into the 2" hitch we have but am confused as to which to buy. With prices ranging from around $52 to $300 there is quite a choice, and ask if any of you out there could recommend a particular make/model given a)the milage we are going to do,
    b) some rough roads can be expected c ) And a scooter which I guess will weigh some 300 lbs or so.
    Most carriers seem to just slide into the hitch and hang there with no other support and I am surprised the bar doesn't snap with the weight of the machine, but I suppose they are designed not too !!
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    You may need to have the hitch/frame of the class C beefed up to handle the 300# bouncing around back there.

    At a minium you should have a tie down point on each corner of the rear frame for attaching motorcycle tie straps.

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