Septic hookup to travel trailer

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    We have a 24' travel trailer that will remain permanent for the next 7 to 8 years on some land in Wisconsin. We frequent the trailer every weekend and we are going to have a septic tank installed and a line run directly to the trailer. Since we will also use the trailer in the winter we will be skirting it, placing several light bulbs underneath, blowing out lines prior to departure etc. We will be covering the pump house (water) with an insulated structure and placing light bulbs in that as well and running heat tape to the hose to the trailer so we have water.

    Our concerns will be how to best empty the black and gray and how to keep the lines that attach in proper working order.

    1. Should we let the gray and black tanks fill 3/4 before emptying in the winter?

    2. Do we need to do anything special with the line hookup to the septic in the winter?

    3. In the summer do we let the tanks fill 3/4 and then empty or do something different?


    Kevin and Suzie
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    RE: Septic hookup to travel trailer

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    Re: Septic hookup to travel trailer

    Sorry one more thing. After you apply the heat tape to the water line, install the gray hose insulator around the water line and the heat tape. ;)


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