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Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by MFreeman, May 6, 2007.

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    Hi Neighbors, got a question for you. We reserved a spot in Destin, Fl for a week this summer. Got the paperwork yesterday and in it, they stated they required a sewer ring. What is a sewer ring? I have a stepped cone shaped device on the end of my hose, is this a sewer ring or do I need something else???? :cool: :question:
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    Re: Sewer rings

    I have seen a flexible, truncated cone, bored for the sewer hose end (at Camping World). The idea is, it acts as a gasket between the sewer hose and the dump station.

    I think this is the 'bottom end' methodology. It would seem that a 'universal' threaded sewer connection would be even better. So if you have an assortment of threaded sizes, or a flexible 'cork', you should be ok. Of course, you would be best off by calling the campgound and seeing what is acceptable. It would be obnoxious if they turned down a superior solution just because it did not follow the 'letter of the law'.
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    Re: Sewer rings

    Unless you have one of those 'universal' sewer connections which screws into or fits snugly in most of the dump stations out there.

    I got the 'blue' slip fit universal sewer connection at the beginning of my RVing 'career' and have never had any case where I needed that (cheaper) ring. Now I prefer an electric macerator, and even then I use a garden hose adapter (the 'beige' one) inside one of those 'universal' screw in/push in adapters to 'seal' the connection.
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    Re: Sewer rings

    I have been in campgrounds that insist you use those rings.

    I carry one but have had problems with it slipping out. Usually have to put a rock on it.

    There are sites that don't have threaded sewer connections and you have to use a ring at those.

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