Single vs. dual payned windows

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by kitakids, Jun 9, 2007.

  1. kitakids

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    We will be using an trailer or A class in both the hot Florida climate and the winter in the north, Midwest, and pacific northwest. Would the double Payne and/or glazed windows be worth the money to keep the temperature comfortable?
  2. ImaHeadaU

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    RE: Single vs. dual payned windows

    If the extra cost and weight aren't a problem for you it's a good idea. It wasn't an option on our TT.

    Next time around I'll consider it again. If you'll spend a lot of time in extreme hot or cold weather, it will be more comfortable and less costly to use. However, the extra weight might limit how much you can carry in the trailer and could impact how much tow vehicle you'll need to pull it.
  3. hertig

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    Re: Single vs. dual payned windows

    It reduces the annoying problem of condensation on the windows.
  4. Kirk

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    Re: Single vs. dual payned windows

    Dual pane windows make it far easier to heat or to cool. The make it far more quited inside and they solve most of the humidity condensation problems. In the northwest the humidity is so high that to buy any other kind is probably not a good idea. Like most fulltimers, we will never consider any RV that does not have dual pane windows!

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