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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by JimE, Mar 1, 2009.

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    Good morning everyone. Having our usual 4 seasons in one month here in North Texas with a temp of 28 this morning, but back into the upper 70's next week. I have a question about slide out awnings. Both of my slide awnings have had the vinyl layer delaminate from the base layer. I learned the work delaminate when my warranty company advised that they dont cover delamination. Both slide awnings need to be replaced and I was wondering if this was a do it yourself job or if it was too complex. As always I appreciate your input and advice.
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    Jim ,, if u have a bit of mechanical skills ,,, u can do it u'r self ,, the hard work has already been done ,, all u need to replace is the materail ,,, if the hardware is in good shape ,, that is ,,, very easy to do ,,, but u will need a helper or two ,,, let us know what u decide ,,, but i believe u can do it ,, heck even i can ,,, and i have the caveman from the comercail working for me ,,, :eek: :laugh:
    Opps prolly shouldn't have mentioned that ,, now Ken will be all over me about it :( :clown: :clown: :laugh: :laugh:

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